Friday, 3 July 2009

Librarian AGM

It's been a LooOOooOOoog time since I last blogged. I try to K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple)

26th June

Birthday Girl~ Fiona Tan

Nervous Shi Yan
"jor..." lol Our *new* Pen. KE!

Pic of the day... well.. 2 "pic of the day" lol

Aw~ want retire dy. They looked so happy right? lol!

P/s: Kor is not that tall! "1..2..3...*tiptoe*" lol!

Poor Seh Hui... Hand conteng until... Jor...Edited the pic lol!

Congrats to all FORM 4 juniors!

Me retire liao lu~ Guess what? I'm the First and Last Pen.Ketua Unit Koleksi XD Wakaka~!
Eh, Get a new photographer wey~ I want to retire completely leh
For the rest of the pics taken on AGM, pls visit my facebook =) still updating~