Sunday, 5 July 2009

My week feat. Tuesday Librarian MP and CU activity

Tuesday, Report card day. My results improved but STILL NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. and it's LAST DAY of duty. Oh well..

First, some pics.

On the way to canteen...

Eh? How come we are outside of school? We WERE on the way to the canteen but curious us, went to check out the 8tv van XD We got HL strawberry milk from them lol!


Food... Prepared by juniors. Thanks yea!

Ke Lin da ex- Ketua Kumpulan of Tuesday

.. and that's the *new* Ketua Kumpulan, Su Yee!

Not much pics but yea, I'm trying to RETIRE lol! Time to let the "younger ones" to take over, and that includes the photo taking part! Oh well... still can't really retire cuz teacher wants me to print out ALL the library-librarian pics I've taken for 2009. No Time to go out to develop them wey...


Special Guest Speaker... Runa from Scripture Union

Game by Jennifer, also from Scripture Union
We are suppose to ask people questions like "Am I a guy?", all your friend can answer is YES or No and You have to guess "who are you".

Check out their foreheads! XD

Su Mei and Joyce

Xuan Ao

Ke LIn and Vion

Guess what I got?
Osama! lol?

Was a tiring week. Cant post that often. I keep some of my post in my draft lol! So blog readers.... Be Patient =) Thanks