Thursday, 9 July 2009


Warning: Pls skip this page if you can't handle the S.S-ness (Syok sendiri-ness) of Kim.

Title of random-ness: Me and Eye bags

Can you see it?

There it is! Huge eyes lol! (still smiling pulak =.=)

Faking the small eyes

LOL! I don't have small eyes and neither do I have no eye bags! It's natural! Refer to my previous posts... super obvious wey. Refer further to my facebook pic album, there's a baby photo of me somewhere and you can recognize me alomst immediately cuz.. Yup! I'm the Baby with eye bags lol!

ANYWAY... This isn't the MAIN point!

I'm having my Grade 8 piano exam tomorrow (yea... I know I'm a lil old for Grade 8 but hey, better than never doing it right?) N a lil bit of camwhoring well.. keeps me a lil crazy, like Kim always does... rite? =) Then Saturday will be Interschool Christian Fellowship Rally! Tuesday: Monthly test ar...

Last week~ Note from Jia Yee

Today: Note from her again~ so Sweet =) Appreciate it!

Friends are blessings from God =)


I Like me just the way I am XD

Would you just LOL? (Laugh-Out-Loud) ;D