Sunday, 30 August 2009


I would like to wish all the best to ALL UPSR, PMR and SPM candidates 2009. 加油哦!^^

Announcement: This blog is OFFICIALLY sleeping~

I promise I'll update AFTER SPM =)

Maybe before that, I can make some short updates but for now, My friends, you can still get in touch with me via Twitter/house phone or anything but not my blog lol I might not be able to reply sms-es that frequently.

Will miss you all =)

Wish me all the best for my trials and of course SPM yea :)

God bless <3

Saturday, 15 August 2009

More of ACS-KH CU Bukit Cahaya Trip~

My family are enjoying themselves in Kampar. I can't believe I missed my church's Family Camp just because of Latihan Berfocus. I did badly for my papers. Anybody can offer this poor girl intensive SPM revision? lol Thank God there's STILL time for me to improve... After this post lah. Promise I go study =) If failed to do so, you are permitted to hit me, ONCE only yea lol.

Got the pics from Jia Yee and Ru Min. Thanks girls~ =)

We were suppose to act cool, right?
Kwang Hua Christian Union peeps (From Left): Cin Yi-*new* secretary, Sue Ann-*new* career, Ke Lin-ex-vice pres, Me~ex-pres (sobs) and Su Li-form1 newbie

Sue Ann~! Career, right? Care for me leh XD Btw, She's wearing Librarian's T-shirt. Time flies~ Sue Ann was my 接班人 for Ketua CD-Rom. She did a great job promoting the CDs', making the slides and all. (She did a 10000 times better than me leh) She's also one of Tuesday Librarians' Junior (oh well, she's a senior now since f5 retired) So proud of you, Sue Ann =)


I wanna go in!!! *Busy figuring out how to use Ru Min's cam's self timer*

I'm a fast learner XD
*Everyone pointing at you*
"Hey, we had fun, and aw~ you missed it!" LOL

Sweet pic of ACS-KH CU

I know you want more of the pics so here's the link =)

I'll let Joyce upload Kwang Hua CU's bloggie ^^

A note to myself = You want to study and get good grades right? Then, stay away from blogging. Few months only mar... after that you can blog all you want and maybe give your blog a new look. I see this look until sien dy lah.

Reply to myself = Okie~ (in a determined tone) I'll miss you much, bloggie T.T and my readers~ can't possibly forget you all XD

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ACS-KwangHua CU Bukit Cahaya Trip

I'm sick. Missed 3 days of school. So, I decided to blog, itchy hands XD

If you've read my previous post, I know you'll be like "what?! Bukit Cahaya again?" Yeap, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, Again. It's a nice place btw. Last time is because of Info Hunt competition, this time... *dengdengdeng* For ACS-KH CU combine trip~! 08-08-09 Didn't get to know any new people, I'm not anti-sosial k, just had the feeling to stay close with people I'm comfortable with. Didn't take much pics tho.
For more of pics I took, The group pics are with Ru Min~

I don't know why but I do love taking "GREEN" lol

ACS and Kwang Hua ppl~

Anybody hungry for food pics? XD

Guess what? My parents and Ke Lin's parents sent in these food during lunch time 'cuz scare the food will turn bad, for the sake of our hungry stomachs. Aw~~

Ke Lin's Mum's signature fried meehoon~!

My mum's fried rice

Ever Hyper Miss *new* CU pres, Joyce Shamini~!

Love you so much. You've done a great job for this outing ^^ and allowed me to laze around a lil XD

CU *new* Vice Pres, Joe Siang~!
Don't worry, Joe. Keep it up for God and CU =)
Eh, Joe Siang's and Joyce's initial are J.S. wey lol

Me and Ke Lin (aiya... don't need introduce also know who is she la, she's one of the famous faces on my blog.) Second time in Bukit Cahaya together. Pres and Vice pres stepping down... I didn't say we are stepping out lo ;) Great buddy, Great partner

Jia Yee always writes lil notes and puts it in my class' envelope. So totally encouraged by her =)

Su Li~ Had been asking her and her friend, Adeline to go for this trip. I'm glad that Su Li came even she registered a day or two before the trip =) To Adeline: You missed the fun XD

Librarian senior and junior united XD

It was not easy planning for this combine outing but God really helped us in many ways. Earlier on, ACS and KH planned to have a camp, didn't work, but hey, this trip did =) The weather was great~! After this trip, I feel so relieved lol? I know you all had fun, don't ya? ;)

For those *ahem* who complained that this trip was B-OR-I-N-G and all, I express my pityness to you. You can choose to enjoy yourself, have a great time hanging out with your CU friends or sit at the corner, sulking, affecting other people who are enjoying themselves.

For me, I had fun enjoying The Nature my God Almighty created, catching up with friends, eating delicious food, sweating all the way, I-know-know-how-to-cycle-ing (lol!), taking un-pro pics and more!

Comment will ya? I need feedbacks. You are much appreciated =)

Monday, 10 August 2009


My dad brought a Professor and a Dr. to church last Sunday. It was the second time Prof Park came to my church. Prof Park gave me and my siblings each a USB drive, how cool's that? XD

Made in Korea lol

4GB is good enough for me ^^

It doesn't mean I'm gonna leave my "old" pendrive. Love it still =)

Kor so Itchy hand =.= poor "old" pendrive..

I broke the glass thingy we Librarians made during last year's Penang trip, I still keep the bell XD

Accidentally cut myself from don't know where, clumsy me

SPM ar~~~ stressed leh. Miss me yea? I won't be blogging that frequently. Owh~

Friday, 7 August 2009

Info hunt and Tuesday MP

25th July 2009 (wah... so long ago, now only blog? lol!)

Can't remember the details but enjoy the funny blur pics lol!

We went in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam by MSU/PTPL's bus. Everybody stuff inside~

They spelled our school's name wrongly!

Briefing in cultural village


Group pics~

nice t-shirts huh?

poor thing... We saw this butterfly when we were exploring the place


Grand final O.o

We were the first team who got released. The running was exhausting!


So drama-ish
Tien Zhi and Wei Yan

They finally stop what they were doing and smile at the cam lol

We waited very long for our bus. Our bus went in the drain !!! We had to take another bus with other people inside
12 ppl in a team... booked the whole bus!

From school, Tien Zhi's dad fetch us to Chia Voon's house

Aching legs~ "Longman's" feet is so big
"Longman" is Tien Zhi/Kor btw XD

My cam works badly in the dark.
Spot Ke lin in ISCF rally 09 shirt~!
You can't possibly not see her in her Orange shirt XD

Sue Ann ever ready to pose for the camera
Another person spotted in ISCF rally 09 shirt~!
That's Wei Yan aka Stressed~

Stayed there a while then had to go home. Love the jellies and the drink~! I love weird drinks XD Thanks Juniors~ I had fun duty, playing, siao-ing with you all this year ^^

The nice invitation card

For More pics:

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I know you miss my S.S-ness (Syok-sendiri-ness) XD

F4 Juniors gave this to me 'cuz they need to change the committee board pics.


I attempt to teach Kian Xian some techniques to snap pics. The angle was good, I edited the pics 'cuz of bad lightning. Anyway, it turned out nice ^^

Thanks Mervin, my flute teacher~! XD
B flat~

Continue to miss me yea ;)

My Future?

31st of July 2009
My school had it's annual education fair. My class was chosen to witness the opening ceremony. Yue Wan said we are there to be "dolphins". Clapped so long until hand pain lol! I was "hunting" around, looking for colleges I and/or my parents had in mind. Since I didn't blog for so long, I guess you guys won't mind reading more XD

My "Stalked(or being stalked)" list:
Inter-Excel Advisory Sdn. Bhd.
Training ground for air hostess and air stewardess. I reached the required height XD Traveling~ Flying on plane~ Service line~ Tempting but I'm not going for it.

My dad is a fan of Monash. The person who explain the courses wasn't good at it lol? He encouraged us to get a PhD, can get high pay, prestige, buy big cars and houses... My friend was asking about engineering courses and as the person explain, I was like: huh? Liddet wan meh? What the person explained is totally different from what my dad told me about engineering courses! Of course I believe my dad =P

After all that, I asked the person:"Since you encourage us to take up PhD and all, are you a PhD holder?"
He:"No, (he mumbled some words, I couldn't hear clearly)"
Me:"Then, you have a Master's degree?"
He:"Nope, 学士学位 (I guess it means degree? lol)"

I mean, you have no experience about engineering and you are (trying to) convince people to pursue further? Anyway, I'm not convinced but I thanked him for his time. Dad says the person might be from the marketing department or something.

I'm interested with Bachelor of Business and Commerce (international business). Accounting is a professional degree but I don't think I'll go for it. The requirements are quite high (maybe, for now lol). The fees: RM30k per year??!!! My dad says:"okay lah"
FYI: My dad is a senior lecturer (civil engineering) and my mum, a bank officer (Maybank). My family lives a simple life and yea, I'm a simple person. *loving my simple life =)* Mum is not working next year. I was getting ready to go form 6 because I think college cost a bomb and I'm not rich nor clever! I guess my parents saved a lot on my education. So yea, College~! Unless I get local matriculation like my cousin bro did.
He's clever wey...

Music~ I don't know whether I will pass my Grade 8... Anyway, one of my ambition: lecturer =) I asked the college's representative about the job opportunities after BA(Hons.) in Classical/Contemporary Music and whether do I need to get trained/job experience before applying for this job. I guess they didn't expect any students to ask about that course so I didn't get an answer.

They offer BA(Hons.) Photography~! Their campus is so nice, Fees are reasonable, can further study in University of East London (never heard of it before) How how? *dilemma*

Back to last year,
I was struggling when it comes for me to choose which stream to go. Most of my friends chose Science stream 'cuz either they want to do medicine, engineering... or they don't know what they want. I know what I want =) If you think being in Arts stream is easy, you thought it wrong. Our recess time is not with the Science stream student, My friends...
Some "Science-ist" teacher don't really think an Arts stream student can do much for our school. Being in the 1st class of Arts stream (5A1), I can feel the pressure coming in. My class has many intelligent students, it makes studying challenge

P/s: I'm taking 11 subjects for SPM: BM, English, Chinese, Maths, Additional Maths, Science, Account, Econ, Moral, History and Bible Knowledge. As you read my blog, you know my English is so-so only. I'm improving and Blogging is a way to improve, right? ;) Pray for me will you? =)

Maybe after 10 years, when I look back at my posts, I might laugh at my naive-ness.
Me(10 years later):Hey, I was once naive~ XD