Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ACS-KwangHua CU Bukit Cahaya Trip

I'm sick. Missed 3 days of school. So, I decided to blog, itchy hands XD

If you've read my previous post, I know you'll be like "what?! Bukit Cahaya again?" Yeap, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam, Again. It's a nice place btw. Last time is because of Info Hunt competition, this time... *dengdengdeng* For ACS-KH CU combine trip~! 08-08-09 Didn't get to know any new people, I'm not anti-sosial k, just had the feeling to stay close with people I'm comfortable with. Didn't take much pics tho.
For more of pics I took, The group pics are with Ru Min~

I don't know why but I do love taking "GREEN" lol

ACS and Kwang Hua ppl~

Anybody hungry for food pics? XD

Guess what? My parents and Ke Lin's parents sent in these food during lunch time 'cuz scare the food will turn bad, for the sake of our hungry stomachs. Aw~~

Ke Lin's Mum's signature fried meehoon~!

My mum's fried rice

Ever Hyper Miss *new* CU pres, Joyce Shamini~!

Love you so much. You've done a great job for this outing ^^ and allowed me to laze around a lil XD

CU *new* Vice Pres, Joe Siang~!
Don't worry, Joe. Keep it up for God and CU =)
Eh, Joe Siang's and Joyce's initial are J.S. wey lol

Me and Ke Lin (aiya... don't need introduce also know who is she la, she's one of the famous faces on my blog.) Second time in Bukit Cahaya together. Pres and Vice pres stepping down... I didn't say we are stepping out lo ;) Great buddy, Great partner

Jia Yee always writes lil notes and puts it in my class' envelope. So totally encouraged by her =)

Su Li~ Had been asking her and her friend, Adeline to go for this trip. I'm glad that Su Li came even she registered a day or two before the trip =) To Adeline: You missed the fun XD

Librarian senior and junior united XD

It was not easy planning for this combine outing but God really helped us in many ways. Earlier on, ACS and KH planned to have a camp, didn't work, but hey, this trip did =) The weather was great~! After this trip, I feel so relieved lol? I know you all had fun, don't ya? ;)

For those *ahem* who complained that this trip was B-OR-I-N-G and all, I express my pityness to you. You can choose to enjoy yourself, have a great time hanging out with your CU friends or sit at the corner, sulking, affecting other people who are enjoying themselves.

For me, I had fun enjoying The Nature my God Almighty created, catching up with friends, eating delicious food, sweating all the way, I-know-know-how-to-cycle-ing (lol!), taking un-pro pics and more!

Comment will ya? I need feedbacks. You are much appreciated =)