Friday, 7 August 2009

Info hunt and Tuesday MP

25th July 2009 (wah... so long ago, now only blog? lol!)

Can't remember the details but enjoy the funny blur pics lol!

We went in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam by MSU/PTPL's bus. Everybody stuff inside~

They spelled our school's name wrongly!

Briefing in cultural village


Group pics~

nice t-shirts huh?

poor thing... We saw this butterfly when we were exploring the place


Grand final O.o

We were the first team who got released. The running was exhausting!


So drama-ish
Tien Zhi and Wei Yan

They finally stop what they were doing and smile at the cam lol

We waited very long for our bus. Our bus went in the drain !!! We had to take another bus with other people inside
12 ppl in a team... booked the whole bus!

From school, Tien Zhi's dad fetch us to Chia Voon's house

Aching legs~ "Longman's" feet is so big
"Longman" is Tien Zhi/Kor btw XD

My cam works badly in the dark.
Spot Ke lin in ISCF rally 09 shirt~!
You can't possibly not see her in her Orange shirt XD

Sue Ann ever ready to pose for the camera
Another person spotted in ISCF rally 09 shirt~!
That's Wei Yan aka Stressed~

Stayed there a while then had to go home. Love the jellies and the drink~! I love weird drinks XD Thanks Juniors~ I had fun duty, playing, siao-ing with you all this year ^^

The nice invitation card

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