Saturday, 15 August 2009

More of ACS-KH CU Bukit Cahaya Trip~

My family are enjoying themselves in Kampar. I can't believe I missed my church's Family Camp just because of Latihan Berfocus. I did badly for my papers. Anybody can offer this poor girl intensive SPM revision? lol Thank God there's STILL time for me to improve... After this post lah. Promise I go study =) If failed to do so, you are permitted to hit me, ONCE only yea lol.

Got the pics from Jia Yee and Ru Min. Thanks girls~ =)

We were suppose to act cool, right?
Kwang Hua Christian Union peeps (From Left): Cin Yi-*new* secretary, Sue Ann-*new* career, Ke Lin-ex-vice pres, Me~ex-pres (sobs) and Su Li-form1 newbie

Sue Ann~! Career, right? Care for me leh XD Btw, She's wearing Librarian's T-shirt. Time flies~ Sue Ann was my 接班人 for Ketua CD-Rom. She did a great job promoting the CDs', making the slides and all. (She did a 10000 times better than me leh) She's also one of Tuesday Librarians' Junior (oh well, she's a senior now since f5 retired) So proud of you, Sue Ann =)


I wanna go in!!! *Busy figuring out how to use Ru Min's cam's self timer*

I'm a fast learner XD
*Everyone pointing at you*
"Hey, we had fun, and aw~ you missed it!" LOL

Sweet pic of ACS-KH CU

I know you want more of the pics so here's the link =)

I'll let Joyce upload Kwang Hua CU's bloggie ^^

A note to myself = You want to study and get good grades right? Then, stay away from blogging. Few months only mar... after that you can blog all you want and maybe give your blog a new look. I see this look until sien dy lah.

Reply to myself = Okie~ (in a determined tone) I'll miss you much, bloggie T.T and my readers~ can't possibly forget you all XD