Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Hoho~~~ Kim's finally 17! XD

I don't want to do the usual "top-to-toe" thingy so I'll just blog what I felt on my birthday =)

1. Happy~
Of course! It only happens once a year. Still happy even though it's SPM trials. Happier when my BGFF (Best Girl Friends Forever) came down all the way from 5S1 just to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KIM! I wasn't having any paper that day but they were having Physics. (Got study anot?)

2. Overwhelmed
Facebook is PHENOMENAL!!! It's like suddenly all your facebook friends "came alive" ('cuz most are silent friends LOL) and so many of them wish you Happy Birthday. Well, Although some might think "IT'S JUST A WISH", but I do appreciate the time my facebook friends take to type the message and post it on my Wall. At least for that moment in 2009 they think of me, makes sense? LOL Oh! I found my long lost Uncle Zhi Yang and my ex-Guradian Angel from church camp 2007. (They've been very silent LOL)

3. Grateful
Lunch at Italiannies was nice but mum doesn't seem to like pastas. Me likey anyway~ I'm grateful that I have such great family and friends who remembers my birthday despite being busy (VERY).

4. Hyper!
Hotlink gave me 24hours of free calls on my birthday and I used it very well hehe...Remember my "bro" Alex Yong? He's having training in Subang and was looking for a church. I approached kor Oon Ee, he did some "magic" and wahlah~ Alex likes his new church. God bless you bro =)
FYI: I knew him through Facebook and he's the first and only one I met up (during rally) in real life so far. It's safe with Joyce being our mutual friend LOL. Lately a lot of ppl who I do not know added me, unless they send a intro email about themselves or they are from the same school, all REJECT!!! Safety reasons teehee...
After talking to Alex, called Leon and Munyan, charged my phone then sleep LOL.

I know you can't stand reading my blog without pics XD. Here are some one-of-a-kind gifts I received~
I'm digging handmade stuff more than ready made stuff LOL!
Pls Note: As usual, I show pics not to show off, but just to share how these so called "little" actions put a smile on my face =)

I've been eying on DSLRs but found out that only DSLRs like NikonD90 and NikonD300s have the video fuction thingy. Too expensive for a not-working-student-amateur-photography-enthusiast *disappointed*

*Click to enlarge*
Jia Yee drew me a camera! This is something to treasure, not really the camera, but the friendship =)
(Don't tell me you stay up late to draw this, feeling bad...)

If you read my older post, you'll know that Jia Yee is my friend who ALWAYS writes lil notes to cheer me up. AW~~~ so sweet and nice of her
One of the notes:

This was suppose to be an origami bird but I had to "destroy" it to read the message
From Eileen 
FYI: I wore the pink shirt you all bought for me this Sunday, it fits nicely=)

Do you know how much I like TAYLOR SWIFT? Her songs just blew me away. She has a great personality too. I don't think I met another Taylor Swift fan *sigh*
From Kor
Looked so "Cetak rompak(pirated)" leh...

Pn Cheah handed me this after my test. I think she was smiling LOL?
No wonder lah... APA INI? (What is this?) Skinnest pulak...=.=

From the cows? XD

*Click to enlarge*
Reply to JoeSiang: I didn't know you make a great cow! XD MOO~

I appreciate All the Gifts, notes, cards, hugs, wishes.... Everything! It's the thought that matters =)

I'm very blessed indeed. Thanks everyone!
Thank you, God for creating such nice ppl and putting them in my life and Thank you for creating me. Whee~ =)

Blessed 17th Birthday Kim! =)