Sunday, 20 September 2009

Good news~!!! =)

Sorry, I left some details out so if you don't mind =) 

Short update
I received a SMS from my piano teacher

You know what that means?
 3 more marks to merit btw ;)

I was screaming all my way downstairs and my mum was like "What's wrong?" I don't expect to fail after all the effort put in but it was quite a surprise 'cuz I played badly for my 3rd song and gave the wrong composer's name for aural test (GEORGE GESHWIN, I won't forget your name, EVER! LOL)  I had my exam a day before ISCF rally. 

FYI: I wasn't forced to learn piano, I WANTED TO LEARN PIANO, I think it's called a passion LOL? (Leon, correct my grammar pls LOL) Many of my friends started at a young age, I started at 9 or 10, considered quite OLD compare to my friends but anyway, age IS NEVER a barrier for music! After changing a few teachers, stopping here and there, FINALLY... I FINISHED MY GRADE 8! (I'm slower at theory XD) Grade 8 is not the end. Hopefully I can further my music =)

To: Sze Yeen, Don't worry, who knows you'll do better than me ;) 

Thank you everyone for your wishes and prayers.  

Thank you God! =)