Sunday, 20 September 2009


Specially dedicated to my dear Daddy who reads my blog (LOL): Feel free to comment on any of my post. You can consider skipping comments like: Don't take SO MANY pictures, Don't blog TOO frequently, etc.etc. It's just my style of blogging =) Love you, Dad!

Genting 12th September 2009
After SO LONG not having my mum's camera with me, I LOST MY SKILL OF SELF PORTRAIT! T.T Exams are making eye bags worse

15th September 2009
Practicing~ XD


I went to Klang Parade's March with my sis after school. This is one of my MOST satisfied hair cut ^^ Maybe because of the service. Mum and sis went there on Saturday. Mum complained that the service was slow. Oh well, I like it anyway =)

Kim's dictionary: Chopping hair and Self Portrait allows Kim to De-stressed XD