Friday, 25 September 2009

Librarian MP 09

Saturday 19-09-09
Went to school with Eileen. The whole school was opened only for ppl in green librarian T-shirts. Ke Lin wore the brown librarian T-shirt but anyway, the juniors escorted her. Special service huh? XD It's been almost a whole week I didn't see Ke Lin. She said my fringe is cute LOL? Sue Ann misspelled my name!!! so I was the only senior without the bookmark T.T Waited quite a while before we are invited to go up the hall. While waiting, we were feeding mosquitoes swt~ Okay okay... To cut the LONG story short, here's briefly what happened =)

The seniors putting the puzzle together

The finished puzzle~


Stressed = WeiYan smiling and signing away

Noticed I didn't post any photos on speeches and all? I'm not the official photographer for librarian dy so didn't take photos. But, guess what? The so called camera boy didn't come =.= Irresponsible. Libray bought a *new* video cam and I just retired without touching it! Pity~ So yea, I used Shue Xin's and Kor's camera to take most of the pics. My mum's samsung camera not that good... sorry for the blur quality... I want a NEW CAMERA~! LOL

Ying Khian, Isaac, Shue Xin and Jia Wai performing I'm your's by Jason Marz

Shue Xin's solo performance~



Isaac, Min Fen and Chew Hau singing My heart will go on

Singing some silly songs XD


The "judges" for the singing competition

Me and Kor's song "spoiled" by Yee Shyuan LOL

He won the competition!

Sue Ann and Wei Yan flashing their smile =)

After being seperated with my mum's camera for so long, I lost the ability to self portrait! T.T

Me and Sze Yeen

We used to play piano together in school for fun. Aw~ I miss those days. She's a grade 8 too but She's a younger than me, so pro =)
Her hands~
*Click* it's a video~

Me and Sue Ann.
Don't you spell my name wrongly again yea LOL

Sze Yeen and Wen Ying

Me and Wei Yan

Me and Zhi Huang, One of Afternoon session's "boss"
He looked like he had never seen a camera before XD

Me and my junior, Pei Er

She gave me this

Aw~~ All the best girl!

Me and my other personal junior, Bretagne
All the best for your PMR!

It's been 3 great years with Library and Librarian. I'll miss this big family. Love you all!
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