Saturday, 5 September 2009

Trip to Sunway University College

I know I can't stop my itchy hands from blogging. Blogging has become a habit. What do you think? LOL.
*Flash back* Friday, 21 August 2009

Finally finished the so called "exam"-Latihan Berfokus and we're off to SunwayU~ I sat in the "science stream student" bus. Zi Wang asked me whether I want to change bus and sit with my classmates. I was like, Never mind, I can mix well here LOL.

Yummy Food~

Bear with me. My parents kept the camera. I just have to S.S. (Syok sendiri/Camho) a bit to de-stress LOL.


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Chien Jen enjoying his drink

I know I looked very ugly (don't remind me) but since all these pics are on CJ's facebook so I don't care la ;D This is what happens when Kim is not with the camera for too long. She uses her friends' cam to S.S! Pics taken using Mun Yan and CJ's camera. Thanks pals! =)


Me and my One and Only Bible Knowledge class buddy, Crystal~

Us again

Me want play pool~

Innocent looks of WeiYan, Me and CJ

Our speaker. She's good. Mexican waves sure wakes me up LOL. *thumbs up*

We took a personality test and my result is: I'm a SANGUINE! Sanguine means cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident LOL?

Me and Kah Loong. Many of my classmates couldn't make it last minute. Mun Yan had a hard time looking for ppl to replace them. I asked him whether he could join the trip and He did! He's super sporting. Oh, He's a Melancholy btw LOL.

I likey the blurry effect~

Test Test~

The part I like best about SunwayU's building is... THE LIBRARY! It reminds me of Kwang Hua's library. I miss librarians~! *confessions of a retired school librarian senior* LOL. I am following SunwayU on twitter. Check them out on...

SunwayU is in my uni/coll consideration list. Final decision after SPM!