Friday, 30 October 2009

Quick update

Look who’s here? LOL
Lalala~ Just “bro” aka Mr. Alex Yong’s 2nd visit to SSMC (my church). Only this time, he saw my bad piano playing LOL. I was on duty in Children’s Church (yeap, I’m “t-e-a-c-h-e-r”-the kids call me LOL) Seriously, it’s just so cool to have him around, ppl will ask questions like:”you both same age?” FYI: Alex’s 19, I know he was like: “Wah… I look so young hor? XD” LOL This time, my mum tried her joke (I don’t want to say what it was ‘cuz it’s so LAME that Leon couldn’t get it =.=) BUT it’s funny since it came out from my mum’s mouth LOL. Frankly, I’m very impressed the way my “bro” carries himself, especially when he told me how “the relationship between Alex and Uncle Swee Ming” started. LOL Oh! and we S.S-ed a bit LOL.

I wore my “What If” shirt to sleep on Saturday. Bro-sis-connection huh? =PDSC01361

Oh, this is Joshua class, the class I’m in LOL

Updates on Kim:
Don’t worry peeps, Kim is a good girl (so far XD) See~ She’s in her room studying XD
Mum resigned her work as a bank officer, stressful job. My darling Ke Lin’s birthday is SO SO SOON! What to do for her? I’m not that creative (><) My Graduation Day is on 6th of November. My class’ performance is not going anywhere (><) I miss you all peeps! Haven’t been seeing many of you this whole week. Take care! =) Oh! I just finished my anemia medicine XD LOL

I WANT 8As!  


Saturday, 24 October 2009

My week and some random-ness XD

I’m very forgetful so I sometimes blog this way to keep me reminded LOL

18th of Oct 09, Sunday: Played piano in Children’s church. Had a great time with my Joshua class’ kids =)

19th of Oct 09, Monday: My bro, Daniel’s 11th birthday! Big boy liao wor… XD Celebrated in Sakae Sushi in Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. Had BM tuition. SPM exams soon hoho~

20th of Oct 09, Tuesday: er… forgot what I did LOL

21st of Oct 09, Wednesday: Had Bible Knowledge class after school. Next week will be my and Crystal’s LAST BK class. Pastor Tan is moving to Puchong next year so yea, we are his first and last batch of students LOL. Since dad had meeting, Crystal drove me to Jusco! I like the way she drives XD Shop ar~! So hard to shop for… er, you’ll know the “next day”

22nd of Oct 09, Thursday: Happy Birthday to Czen Hao and Weiyan! I forgot where on earth Czen Hao is now but I wished him =) for Weiyan.. Yup, I shopped for his birthday present. So last minute but I do hope he likes it. I played birthday song on guitar for him and Tien Zhi sang along (thanks kor~!) Of course I bought something for my kor la XD He’s having sore throat and is waiting for me to give him lozenges ‘cuz he gave me last time (=.=)

One of it… Bad sewing... and RANDOM! XD

On the same day, all form 5s attended a talk on Chinese SPM. Ming Ju ar…

23rd of Oct 09, Friday: Got the schedule for SPM. Although I didn’t get many A’s for my trials, but I’ll be more ready for the REAL thing. Bring it on! XD
was in the mood to S.S so yea XD

fyi: I don’t edit my pics, just adjust the light a bit only LOL
I know I shaked the cam, sorry…

I like this one better =)
Have a great week peeps! =)

Digital camera magazine issue 46

Besides National Geographic magazine, I love this mag. I adore the pics taken by the photographers which are so ARTISTIC! =)

I went to Jusco's Popular book shop with Crystal. I’m not suppose to do buy any reading materials other than SPM books for now LOL but since I got a reasonable good result for my Bible Knowledge, I decided to reward myself (Excuses XD)

These mags sure helped me to improve my skills. although I do’t have a DSLR, but I use the tips and try to make the best out of my old Samsung (mum’s actually LOL)
What I like about this 46th issue of Digital Camera Magazine:
*Portraits~ Obviously my favourite type of photography XD
*Photographing Bubble: Hmm… for me it’s something fresh
*Outdoor photography
*Printers QnA
*How to add signature to prints: Might sound normal to you, take note that I know nothing about stuff like this LOL. So totally going to try this… AFTER SPM XD

Just me and the mag XD

Friday, 23 October 2009


You might want to check Anemia-wikipedia

“The lack of iron associated with anemia can cause many complications, including hypoxemia, brittle or rigid fingernails, cold intolerance, and possible behavioral disturbances in children.” So totally true

My mum had a medical checkup (was it in Sunway or Sime Darby hospital? I forgotten LOL) and found out that she had Anemia. My dad was there with her and he heard what the doctor had to say about Anemia. When they arrived home, Dad check my nails and was like !! To K.I.S.S.(Keep It Short and Simple), the doctor checked me and yup, I have Anemia. I always complain on how my hands and feet get really cold and my body is not cold at all. Worse part, PIANO EXAM! My fingers just froze (not because I’m nervous) and can hardly feel any warmth in my hands. At least now I know why =) Well, mum said that it’s good that we found out about it now. If earlier, I’ll be like so scare to see pills (>.<) When Munyan first heard about it, she was like:”Are you gonna die?” I know she was just joking. Choi la XD

Just for fun LOL
 Iron and Folic Acid Pills (I think LOL)
I call this MnM

Want to give a name to these pills? XD

See, I look fine, still smiling =)
The reason I blogged about this is that you know what is Anemia all about. Though I study Science and it says Lack of iron causes Anemia , I didn’t know I have it. Take care ppl, Love y’all =)

The earth is sick too… when does the “medication” starts?

Friday, 16 October 2009

CU MP 2009

Kwang Hua CU had blogged about our farewell. Considered quite good for a first time blogger (GO Michelle!) But please edit the pics first, quite dark lo. For more info, log on to
I'll briefly blog about my farewell LOL.

Friday, 2nd of Oct 2009

Emcee of the day, Leonard!
So cute right? XD
Lean Lik, CU's *new* Treasurer
He wrote a poem for us, touching =)
(Michelle, can post it up pls?)

The oh-so-talkative president saying her last words LOL
I know I looked funny
Gary and Joe Siang wrote a song and they sang it 
Aiya, should record mah, so nice =)

The juniors made the seniors a video clip and burned it into CDs, but there's a problem with with, can't play it. I'm waiting to see it on Youtube (You said that, Joyce~! XD)

These seniors are waiting...

 ... to be tortured by drinking tomato sauce-mix-water-and-dunno what

Help me pls? *disgusted face*
I had to drink 2 cups. I mean, 2!!!! One was graciously drank by Nguoy Lamn (Thanks~!) and the other just went down the longkang(drain) XD Sorry for not being sporting, I don't want to upset my stomach. Anyway, I STILL had stomach ache maybe because of the egg sandwich (Egg sandwich prepared since morning and not kept in the fridge?)

These ppl have no problem gulping it down. *Impressed*

Camwhoring with Michelle's Panasonic Lumix XD
(I thought I took one with Shin Nian but didn't see the pic on CU blog)
Me and Chee Meng
The traditional Yum sheng~!

We surely had a blast, (like, everytime? XD)
Taken after gotong-royong. I know, What's with the party hats? LOL
I am a "C"!
Rocking for God, Shine for Christ! Amen!
You might also want to read...Memoirs of a Retired CU Pres written by Kim

*5 awesome years with CU and God*

One month Belated birthday~

One of the reasons I started blogging is to catch up with my friends which I seldom had the chance to talk with (even from the same school). Blog is like a connector LOL.

It's a month past my 17th birthday, and guess what? I STILL receive birthday presents LOL. I just have to blog about it, perasan me XD I like how ALL my presents are things that I can use, you're a mind reader of Kim, my friend =) As ALWAYS, it's not to Brag, just to share with you "lil" things that my friends do made my day =)
Here goes~
I think you can guess who gave me this XD

STRESSED aka Wei Yan~gave DESSERTS a DESSERTS recipe book LOL!
*Click to enlarge*

FYI: It all started 2 years ago, I sent him a text message something like all the best in exams (almost PMR time) He replied quite later, something about Stressed, if you look at the good side, it'll be Desserts LOL? so happen the day was my birthday. I forgot how it all really happened but We are the DESSERTS and STRESSED duo XD I know... It's like lame rite? But it's fun~Ny XD


Yi Jen gave me a cute coin box ~ suits me, got to save those coins~XD Thanks =)
A photo taken IN the coin box LOL. Do you see what I see?
A smiley =)

 You know how I love handmade stuff~
Yan Wei made the present bag~

Fits my IC and cash perfectly ^^

She even wrote 10 wishes for me, one of my favourites~

This one is not "belated" LOL. To Jia Yee: I finally used it this Sunday. It's just so precious. It's like a multi-purpose bag for camera, MP3 etc. I can even use it as a wallet or pencil case! Thanks for your nice thought =)

So many compartments~

Yea~~~ I loveee SURPRISES. Well, my definition for surprise isn't that "high standard". I mean, birthday over dy then nvm mah, don't need to "replace" present wan (><) I'm very cincai. As long as you wished me than I'm like so happy XD Thank you all SOOO much

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I just had to blog about this, I'll tell you why later on.

11th October 2009 Sunday morning
To Jia Yee and Yan Wei, I used the bag and the necklace you both gave me (不舍得用,太喜欢了)LOL, like it a lot, Thanks girls!

I went to church with my family. I was very blur 'cuz I could'nt sleep the night before (Stressed? perhaps) I walked pass the ushers, then went to the Main Hall and was going to sit at my usual spot. Worship started. I can't help but to look the other side. Guy in Red.... hey, I know this guy... But... Why is he here? Still very blur. We made eye contacts. My expression was like: Eyes wide, mouth covered with the church's bulletin. Thank God I didn't scream LOL.

He's no bad guy, he's ALEX! I know many ppl thought I was the one who brought him to church since I was "jaga-ing" him LOL but nope, it was Kor Oon Ee. I still don't know whose idea it was but they two purposely made it a surprise (didn't inform me =.=). Alex came at the right time 'cuz if he were to come a week later, I'll be on duty in children's church. Kor Oon Ee knows when I'm on duty since he's training the musicians =) guess what? I was SHOCKINGLY SURPRISED and SURPRISINGLY SHOCKED. Er, good job to the both of you? LOL
Aiya... Didn't take pics on Sunday (>.<)
ISCF Rally 2009
After the rally, of course I was tired. Check out the tags lol

Ppl in church were like:"Are you from the same school...?" and all. Quite hard answering on the spot but I'll do it here =)
He added me on Facebook last year, I accepted his request. Main reason: friends in common. I trust Joyce Shamini! XD I don't usually add strangers, even I do, I'll send in an email and see whether they reply. He did and it just went on and on. Didn't manage to meet up with him during ISCF pre-rally and Rally 2008 but got to see him in person during this year's rally, thanks to Joyce LOL. I was suppose to stalk him first via sms but Joyce gave him my number =.= Then went on intro him to Kor Oon Ee...
No point repeating the whole story so if you want to know the whole story, pls read on Posts on Alex: ISCF Rally 2009 and 14092009 (the hyper part)

The cool part is Alex is a Yong, same surname as mine, got family feel wey LOL. My dad tried to be humorous with the "ALEX Yoong" part LOL. I salute his bravery, I won't dare to sit in a I-don't-really-know person's car. He was privileged to see the "stalker" I used to talk about LOL, met my gang (hard to remember all the Leng-luis' name huh? XD) and my family. AND fyi: he's the FIRST friend of mine to come to my church and knows where on earth, Kwang Hua, Klang is LOL. Too bad I had to attend a birthday celebration after church, if not can catch up more with him.

I post this on 'cuz I want to take the "Shock" off my brain to my blog. It was my Shock of the day wey. I will shock you back, bro! XD


Saturday, 10 October 2009


Lol. This is quite random but I would like to share it with you all =)

This morning, dad came into my room when I was studying
(FYI: My family didn't hire a maid for few years dy)
Dad: RS~! You know what is RS? XD
Me: Er... What's that?
Dad: ROOM SERVICE~ (sweeps my room)
Me: (LOL)
Dad: (before walking out) You can L-O-L, I got RS
Me: Everybody knows what LOL is (Laugh Out Loud) You are RSP, you know what's RSP? It's Room Service Person XD
Me: (Surrender) LOL

Moral behind this: He didn't have a master's degree for NO reason =.= and of course he's smarter than me la LOL

Some time ago...
Me: (randomly asks) Dad~ I want a Blackberry =)
Dad: (a lil blur) I can buy you strawberry~
Me:(unexpectedly =.= and of course LOL!)

You might think all these are meaningless but hey, I LOL at 'em XD

Happy 50th Birthday Daddy~ (on 5th of October)
Due to my sis's PMR, can't go out and celebrate, but my dad is OK with it. I'm serious, He is a simple man =) My family RARELY S.S. (camwhore/self-portrait) Not photogenic pulak =.= so, I digged for some TREASURES hehe~

When my dad was younger~ (photo taken in our ex house in Klang)
These conversations probably took place, let me imagine a bit XD
Dad: Look there! Ca-me-ra
Me: (smile or cry? smile or cry? SMILE la XD)
I know I know, my eyes are like super big that you can only see the black and not the white

When my dad is STILL young~ Photo taken on Dec 2008 in Marina Barrage, Singapore
conversations are designed to make this a fun post XD
Me: Look here dad! This is how we S.S
Dad: (a lil blur).


Yet to ALL who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or husband's will, but born of God
(The Bible) John 1:12-13
Thank You God!

Another random post XD

Do you watch the Nanny Daddy drama showing on NTV7?

You know what? Yi Jen said I looked like the baby. Don't know whether I should LOL or LOL? The poor baby cried N times in the show LOL
This post is SO RANDOM, I don't know why XD

Sunday, 4 October 2009

School and CU farewell 09~

Friday, 2nd of October

Teachers gave back some trials exam papers but still not confirm which are set as trials exam marks. After begging my dad, he allowed me to bring mum's camera to school~ Mission: to take pics for my class' magazine.

My "models" XD
Yi Jen and Shi Tong

Oh I love the self timer XD
Yi Jen, Shi Tong and Me

After school, Christian Union's farewell for the seniors

I just took 1 pic LOL. My dad will sound me if I take "Too many" pics =.= (dad, you there? LOL) but of course there's Chee Meng to take pics. Lumix is good for S.S XD

My beloved juniors preparing for this memorable event

I posted my last words on Kwang Hua CU blog LOL. It's been 5 great years with CU. It's great to serve God in this aspect. I think I have some pics of  my juniors when they were younger, look how they all grew! I pray that CU will continue to grow physically and spiritually. Amen! =) Love you all~
I'm only me when I'm with you

Friday, 2 October 2009

14092009 part 2

Previously: Received the present dy... but why this year no card for me?

Then...on Wednesday morning, on my desk...

Handmade card from my Darlings!~~~ Love it

Guess what? Jia Yee drew me a DSLR! XD

My friends who signed the card are ALL from 5S1 de? LOL except for... ah-STRESSED! LOL BTW, Congrats to Ah-STRESSED aka Wei Yan who passed his Guitar Grade 5~! =)

Together with the card, was 4 YUMMY-looking donuts made by Ke Lin's mum and sis! It's so YUMMY~LOL told 'ya I LOVE handmade things~ ^^

Finally, Thanks for ALL the wishes =) Appreciate it loads~ ^^ God bless!