Friday, 2 October 2009

14092009 part 2

Previously: Received the present dy... but why this year no card for me?

Then...on Wednesday morning, on my desk...

Handmade card from my Darlings!~~~ Love it

Guess what? Jia Yee drew me a DSLR! XD

My friends who signed the card are ALL from 5S1 de? LOL except for... ah-STRESSED! LOL BTW, Congrats to Ah-STRESSED aka Wei Yan who passed his Guitar Grade 5~! =)

Together with the card, was 4 YUMMY-looking donuts made by Ke Lin's mum and sis! It's so YUMMY~LOL told 'ya I LOVE handmade things~ ^^

Finally, Thanks for ALL the wishes =) Appreciate it loads~ ^^ God bless!