Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I just had to blog about this, I'll tell you why later on.

11th October 2009 Sunday morning
To Jia Yee and Yan Wei, I used the bag and the necklace you both gave me (不舍得用,太喜欢了)LOL, like it a lot, Thanks girls!

I went to church with my family. I was very blur 'cuz I could'nt sleep the night before (Stressed? perhaps) I walked pass the ushers, then went to the Main Hall and was going to sit at my usual spot. Worship started. I can't help but to look the other side. Guy in Red.... hey, I know this guy... But... Why is he here? Still very blur. We made eye contacts. My expression was like: Eyes wide, mouth covered with the church's bulletin. Thank God I didn't scream LOL.

He's no bad guy, he's ALEX! I know many ppl thought I was the one who brought him to church since I was "jaga-ing" him LOL but nope, it was Kor Oon Ee. I still don't know whose idea it was but they two purposely made it a surprise (didn't inform me =.=). Alex came at the right time 'cuz if he were to come a week later, I'll be on duty in children's church. Kor Oon Ee knows when I'm on duty since he's training the musicians =) guess what? I was SHOCKINGLY SURPRISED and SURPRISINGLY SHOCKED. Er, good job to the both of you? LOL
Aiya... Didn't take pics on Sunday (>.<)
ISCF Rally 2009
After the rally, of course I was tired. Check out the tags lol

Ppl in church were like:"Are you from the same school...?" and all. Quite hard answering on the spot but I'll do it here =)
He added me on Facebook last year, I accepted his request. Main reason: friends in common. I trust Joyce Shamini! XD I don't usually add strangers, even I do, I'll send in an email and see whether they reply. He did and it just went on and on. Didn't manage to meet up with him during ISCF pre-rally and Rally 2008 but got to see him in person during this year's rally, thanks to Joyce LOL. I was suppose to stalk him first via sms but Joyce gave him my number =.= Then went on intro him to Kor Oon Ee...
No point repeating the whole story so if you want to know the whole story, pls read on Posts on Alex: ISCF Rally 2009 and 14092009 (the hyper part)

The cool part is Alex is a Yong, same surname as mine, got family feel wey LOL. My dad tried to be humorous with the "ALEX Yoong" part LOL. I salute his bravery, I won't dare to sit in a I-don't-really-know person's car. He was privileged to see the "stalker" I used to talk about LOL, met my gang (hard to remember all the Leng-luis' name huh? XD) and my family. AND fyi: he's the FIRST friend of mine to come to my church and knows where on earth, Kwang Hua, Klang is LOL. Too bad I had to attend a birthday celebration after church, if not can catch up more with him.

I post this on 'cuz I want to take the "Shock" off my brain to my blog. It was my Shock of the day wey. I will shock you back, bro! XD