Friday, 23 October 2009


You might want to check Anemia-wikipedia

“The lack of iron associated with anemia can cause many complications, including hypoxemia, brittle or rigid fingernails, cold intolerance, and possible behavioral disturbances in children.” So totally true

My mum had a medical checkup (was it in Sunway or Sime Darby hospital? I forgotten LOL) and found out that she had Anemia. My dad was there with her and he heard what the doctor had to say about Anemia. When they arrived home, Dad check my nails and was like !! To K.I.S.S.(Keep It Short and Simple), the doctor checked me and yup, I have Anemia. I always complain on how my hands and feet get really cold and my body is not cold at all. Worse part, PIANO EXAM! My fingers just froze (not because I’m nervous) and can hardly feel any warmth in my hands. At least now I know why =) Well, mum said that it’s good that we found out about it now. If earlier, I’ll be like so scare to see pills (>.<) When Munyan first heard about it, she was like:”Are you gonna die?” I know she was just joking. Choi la XD

Just for fun LOL
 Iron and Folic Acid Pills (I think LOL)
I call this MnM

Want to give a name to these pills? XD

See, I look fine, still smiling =)
The reason I blogged about this is that you know what is Anemia all about. Though I study Science and it says Lack of iron causes Anemia , I didn’t know I have it. Take care ppl, Love y’all =)

The earth is sick too… when does the “medication” starts?