Friday, 16 October 2009

CU MP 2009

Kwang Hua CU had blogged about our farewell. Considered quite good for a first time blogger (GO Michelle!) But please edit the pics first, quite dark lo. For more info, log on to
I'll briefly blog about my farewell LOL.

Friday, 2nd of Oct 2009

Emcee of the day, Leonard!
So cute right? XD
Lean Lik, CU's *new* Treasurer
He wrote a poem for us, touching =)
(Michelle, can post it up pls?)

The oh-so-talkative president saying her last words LOL
I know I looked funny
Gary and Joe Siang wrote a song and they sang it 
Aiya, should record mah, so nice =)

The juniors made the seniors a video clip and burned it into CDs, but there's a problem with with, can't play it. I'm waiting to see it on Youtube (You said that, Joyce~! XD)

These seniors are waiting...

 ... to be tortured by drinking tomato sauce-mix-water-and-dunno what

Help me pls? *disgusted face*
I had to drink 2 cups. I mean, 2!!!! One was graciously drank by Nguoy Lamn (Thanks~!) and the other just went down the longkang(drain) XD Sorry for not being sporting, I don't want to upset my stomach. Anyway, I STILL had stomach ache maybe because of the egg sandwich (Egg sandwich prepared since morning and not kept in the fridge?)

These ppl have no problem gulping it down. *Impressed*

Camwhoring with Michelle's Panasonic Lumix XD
(I thought I took one with Shin Nian but didn't see the pic on CU blog)
Me and Chee Meng
The traditional Yum sheng~!

We surely had a blast, (like, everytime? XD)
Taken after gotong-royong. I know, What's with the party hats? LOL
I am a "C"!
Rocking for God, Shine for Christ! Amen!
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*5 awesome years with CU and God*