Saturday, 10 October 2009


Lol. This is quite random but I would like to share it with you all =)

This morning, dad came into my room when I was studying
(FYI: My family didn't hire a maid for few years dy)
Dad: RS~! You know what is RS? XD
Me: Er... What's that?
Dad: ROOM SERVICE~ (sweeps my room)
Me: (LOL)
Dad: (before walking out) You can L-O-L, I got RS
Me: Everybody knows what LOL is (Laugh Out Loud) You are RSP, you know what's RSP? It's Room Service Person XD
Me: (Surrender) LOL

Moral behind this: He didn't have a master's degree for NO reason =.= and of course he's smarter than me la LOL

Some time ago...
Me: (randomly asks) Dad~ I want a Blackberry =)
Dad: (a lil blur) I can buy you strawberry~
Me:(unexpectedly =.= and of course LOL!)

You might think all these are meaningless but hey, I LOL at 'em XD

Happy 50th Birthday Daddy~ (on 5th of October)
Due to my sis's PMR, can't go out and celebrate, but my dad is OK with it. I'm serious, He is a simple man =) My family RARELY S.S. (camwhore/self-portrait) Not photogenic pulak =.= so, I digged for some TREASURES hehe~

When my dad was younger~ (photo taken in our ex house in Klang)
These conversations probably took place, let me imagine a bit XD
Dad: Look there! Ca-me-ra
Me: (smile or cry? smile or cry? SMILE la XD)
I know I know, my eyes are like super big that you can only see the black and not the white

When my dad is STILL young~ Photo taken on Dec 2008 in Marina Barrage, Singapore
conversations are designed to make this a fun post XD
Me: Look here dad! This is how we S.S
Dad: (a lil blur).


Yet to ALL who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or husband's will, but born of God
(The Bible) John 1:12-13
Thank You God!

Another random post XD

Do you watch the Nanny Daddy drama showing on NTV7?

You know what? Yi Jen said I looked like the baby. Don't know whether I should LOL or LOL? The poor baby cried N times in the show LOL
This post is SO RANDOM, I don't know why XD