Saturday, 24 October 2009

Digital camera magazine issue 46

Besides National Geographic magazine, I love this mag. I adore the pics taken by the photographers which are so ARTISTIC! =)

I went to Jusco's Popular book shop with Crystal. I’m not suppose to do buy any reading materials other than SPM books for now LOL but since I got a reasonable good result for my Bible Knowledge, I decided to reward myself (Excuses XD)

These mags sure helped me to improve my skills. although I do’t have a DSLR, but I use the tips and try to make the best out of my old Samsung (mum’s actually LOL)
What I like about this 46th issue of Digital Camera Magazine:
*Portraits~ Obviously my favourite type of photography XD
*Photographing Bubble: Hmm… for me it’s something fresh
*Outdoor photography
*Printers QnA
*How to add signature to prints: Might sound normal to you, take note that I know nothing about stuff like this LOL. So totally going to try this… AFTER SPM XD

Just me and the mag XD