Saturday, 24 October 2009

My week and some random-ness XD

I’m very forgetful so I sometimes blog this way to keep me reminded LOL

18th of Oct 09, Sunday: Played piano in Children’s church. Had a great time with my Joshua class’ kids =)

19th of Oct 09, Monday: My bro, Daniel’s 11th birthday! Big boy liao wor… XD Celebrated in Sakae Sushi in Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. Had BM tuition. SPM exams soon hoho~

20th of Oct 09, Tuesday: er… forgot what I did LOL

21st of Oct 09, Wednesday: Had Bible Knowledge class after school. Next week will be my and Crystal’s LAST BK class. Pastor Tan is moving to Puchong next year so yea, we are his first and last batch of students LOL. Since dad had meeting, Crystal drove me to Jusco! I like the way she drives XD Shop ar~! So hard to shop for… er, you’ll know the “next day”

22nd of Oct 09, Thursday: Happy Birthday to Czen Hao and Weiyan! I forgot where on earth Czen Hao is now but I wished him =) for Weiyan.. Yup, I shopped for his birthday present. So last minute but I do hope he likes it. I played birthday song on guitar for him and Tien Zhi sang along (thanks kor~!) Of course I bought something for my kor la XD He’s having sore throat and is waiting for me to give him lozenges ‘cuz he gave me last time (=.=)

One of it… Bad sewing... and RANDOM! XD

On the same day, all form 5s attended a talk on Chinese SPM. Ming Ju ar…

23rd of Oct 09, Friday: Got the schedule for SPM. Although I didn’t get many A’s for my trials, but I’ll be more ready for the REAL thing. Bring it on! XD
was in the mood to S.S so yea XD

fyi: I don’t edit my pics, just adjust the light a bit only LOL
I know I shaked the cam, sorry…

I like this one better =)
Have a great week peeps! =)