Friday, 16 October 2009

One month Belated birthday~

One of the reasons I started blogging is to catch up with my friends which I seldom had the chance to talk with (even from the same school). Blog is like a connector LOL.

It's a month past my 17th birthday, and guess what? I STILL receive birthday presents LOL. I just have to blog about it, perasan me XD I like how ALL my presents are things that I can use, you're a mind reader of Kim, my friend =) As ALWAYS, it's not to Brag, just to share with you "lil" things that my friends do made my day =)
Here goes~
I think you can guess who gave me this XD

STRESSED aka Wei Yan~gave DESSERTS a DESSERTS recipe book LOL!
*Click to enlarge*

FYI: It all started 2 years ago, I sent him a text message something like all the best in exams (almost PMR time) He replied quite later, something about Stressed, if you look at the good side, it'll be Desserts LOL? so happen the day was my birthday. I forgot how it all really happened but We are the DESSERTS and STRESSED duo XD I know... It's like lame rite? But it's fun~Ny XD


Yi Jen gave me a cute coin box ~ suits me, got to save those coins~XD Thanks =)
A photo taken IN the coin box LOL. Do you see what I see?
A smiley =)

 You know how I love handmade stuff~
Yan Wei made the present bag~

Fits my IC and cash perfectly ^^

She even wrote 10 wishes for me, one of my favourites~

This one is not "belated" LOL. To Jia Yee: I finally used it this Sunday. It's just so precious. It's like a multi-purpose bag for camera, MP3 etc. I can even use it as a wallet or pencil case! Thanks for your nice thought =)

So many compartments~

Yea~~~ I loveee SURPRISES. Well, my definition for surprise isn't that "high standard". I mean, birthday over dy then nvm mah, don't need to "replace" present wan (><) I'm very cincai. As long as you wished me than I'm like so happy XD Thank you all SOOO much