Friday, 30 October 2009

Quick update

Look who’s here? LOL
Lalala~ Just “bro” aka Mr. Alex Yong’s 2nd visit to SSMC (my church). Only this time, he saw my bad piano playing LOL. I was on duty in Children’s Church (yeap, I’m “t-e-a-c-h-e-r”-the kids call me LOL) Seriously, it’s just so cool to have him around, ppl will ask questions like:”you both same age?” FYI: Alex’s 19, I know he was like: “Wah… I look so young hor? XD” LOL This time, my mum tried her joke (I don’t want to say what it was ‘cuz it’s so LAME that Leon couldn’t get it =.=) BUT it’s funny since it came out from my mum’s mouth LOL. Frankly, I’m very impressed the way my “bro” carries himself, especially when he told me how “the relationship between Alex and Uncle Swee Ming” started. LOL Oh! and we S.S-ed a bit LOL.

I wore my “What If” shirt to sleep on Saturday. Bro-sis-connection huh? =PDSC01361

Oh, this is Joshua class, the class I’m in LOL

Updates on Kim:
Don’t worry peeps, Kim is a good girl (so far XD) See~ She’s in her room studying XD
Mum resigned her work as a bank officer, stressful job. My darling Ke Lin’s birthday is SO SO SOON! What to do for her? I’m not that creative (><) My Graduation Day is on 6th of November. My class’ performance is not going anywhere (><) I miss you all peeps! Haven’t been seeing many of you this whole week. Take care! =) Oh! I just finished my anemia medicine XD LOL

I WANT 8As!