Sunday, 4 October 2009

School and CU farewell 09~

Friday, 2nd of October

Teachers gave back some trials exam papers but still not confirm which are set as trials exam marks. After begging my dad, he allowed me to bring mum's camera to school~ Mission: to take pics for my class' magazine.

My "models" XD
Yi Jen and Shi Tong

Oh I love the self timer XD
Yi Jen, Shi Tong and Me

After school, Christian Union's farewell for the seniors

I just took 1 pic LOL. My dad will sound me if I take "Too many" pics =.= (dad, you there? LOL) but of course there's Chee Meng to take pics. Lumix is good for S.S XD

My beloved juniors preparing for this memorable event

I posted my last words on Kwang Hua CU blog LOL. It's been 5 great years with CU. It's great to serve God in this aspect. I think I have some pics of  my juniors when they were younger, look how they all grew! I pray that CU will continue to grow physically and spiritually. Amen! =) Love you all~
I'm only me when I'm with you