Friday, 27 November 2009

The Big Bad Book Sale!!!

This ad just reminds me of a dear senior LOL. Never mind if you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s why it’s so random XD
Amazing~ XD

The Star Newspaper 27 Nov 2009

The Big Bad Book Sale~!
You know what that means? Books~! and better still… DISCOUNT~! XD

Venue: Level 3 Amcorp Mall
Date: 26th Nov-2nd Dec 2009

A book worm like me can’t afford to miss this sale. I’m going, are you? =)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

SPM Week Two

24 Nov 2009
SPM Moral paper went quite well. My friends were expecting the "Akta-akta" to come out but sorry, NONE came out!

Tips for Moral paper: Just memorize the definition of the Moral values and you can forget the "Akta-akta" if you don't have enough time LOL. 

I received many wishes from my friends, they remember I need to stay back for 3 and a half hours after Moral paper to sit for my Bible Knowledge LOL. The afternoon librarians were having their Majlis Perpisahan(Farewell), and of course I join the Party~ XD The "mystery BK guy" happened to be my ex-primary school mate LOL? Me, Crystal and Aaric(who was taking another paper) were in the same class. The examiners nice wey XD BK went quite well too. I was quite nervous for BK, but Prayer works =) Thank God for BK and for Pastor Tan Kay Hoe who taught me and Crystal BK =).

25 Nov 2009
SPM Add maths paper
Leon's notes are so THICK! T.T

Add maths paper 1 was OK. Well, can't expect too much from me =.= We have 4 hours break before our Add maths paper 2! We went to 滴水坊. It was still quite early and they haven't open yet. Yie Lynn knows the shop keeper so they open up for us. So cool to sit in a quiet restaurant XD

Pics? XD
Mun Yan Pia-ing~! That's my book k LOL

Me and Mun Yan's Mp3 player XD

Our class monitor, Yan Jun Great example... Wear your face mask~! LOL
Yong Siang (background)

That's Vivian at the end of the table =)
Siew Chee so pia
Mun Yan's true colours XD

My lunch~ Wasn't that filling *hungry*

This is what kept me "not-hungry" LOL

After eating, studying and talking, of course tired lah. So I decided to take a nap with Mun Yan's teddy. Wait... The teddy was my pillow so should be sleeping ON teddy LOL. Poor teddy...
Tip for add maths paper's 4 hours break: Bring your pillow~ LOL

Add maths paper 2 didn't turn out well for me (>.<) I was under the Sun for like 2 hours 'cuz I was sitting beside the window, the hot Sun was directly shining on me and there was no curtain! Skin flaking dy (>.<) Mood wasn't good... then

My way to de-stress... Self-portrait~!
(Skip this part if you know my face is making you vomit LOL)



So Syok-sendiri huh? XD I feel much better after that and after playing Beethoven's piano Sonata Op.14
Finally changed my profile pic XD

Happy 3rd Anniversary peeps~
Special shout out to Sarah, Angelyn, Alvin, Wynne, Willa, Christine, Ben Oh and so many more~! Want to take a splash? XD

Monday, 23 November 2009

My SPM exam life so far...

BM paper:
Many of my friends chose the same topic, quite normal ‘cuz everyone seems to attend the same tuition centre LOL.

Faedah-faedah yang diperoleh apabila kita menyertai badan beruniformS6002010

Okay… Not to bad, can write quite smoothly. Talking about extra-curricular, Check out my cert. 
 Double A~!!!

Badan beruniform…

This is the note I made for history. Dasar Luar Malaysia. It came out for SPM~! But I didn’t focus much, nevermind.
Tips for SPM History: Do your pass year papers. It helps =)

English and Maths was quite ok. I spotted my own English Literature questions XD Had quite a lot of free time LOL? For essay, I wrote about My favourite day of the week.

If you notice my twitter, I twitted after my SPM Maths paper 1. Thanks to my Librarian junior, Zhi Huang who was using his friend’s laptop LOL. He showed me this…Pls do Try it ppl~ =) Go to, Type “Kwang Hua Librarian” and Click “I’m feeling lucky” and see what happens XD anybody wanna say anything? LOL
Google - Mozilla Firefox 11232009 35316 PM

Bible Knowledge is up tomorrow. I guess it’s just me, Crystal and another anonymous fella LOL. 3 and a half hour free time wey Lol

Oh, Isaac is back from S’pore~! Poor Chian Jen was quarantined cuz of eye infection. He showed me some notes he have and told me I might want to see the Chemistry notes. See? again he thought I’m a science stream student == I’m getting used to it LOL?

Sorry-lah, SPM… Lazy to accept the friend requests (><) After SPM will filter them LOLFacebook  Home - Mozilla Firefox 11232009 41117 PM

To all SPM candidates… 加油吧!

This is what happened when Alex meets Kantoi…

Early in the morning, I sent a text message to wish Alex Birthday. Hotlink gives a day of free calls (Maxis-Maxis) during any Hotlink users birthday (yay~!) Alex called me, took me sometime to answer ‘cuz my phone cacat-ed, got to hold the slides together (>.<) and I was studying. SPM~

This is the contact pic I put for Alex

Ohyea~ Bloated Bro calling!!! XD

I don’t remember what exactly happened (that’s why I got to blog it before I totally forget LOL!), but this is more or less the conversation we had.

Me(K) Alex(A)
K: (answered)
K: ello? Can you hear me?
A: … Why you put that caller ring tone?! (Laughs)
K: Why cannot? Nice mah…
A: I thought it was you singing!!! (maybe he thought that was the SURPRISE I promised I’ll give him LOL!)
K and A: LOL!

Fyi: I think we laughed more than we talked, yes bro? LOL

K: Kantoi by Zee Avi, never heard before?
A: Zee Avi?

If you are blurred like my bro here, check the song out. It's so cute and funny~ So into local music ^^ Btw, I recently got this caller ring tone from Hotlink for FREE~

AND I made Leon call just to listen to the song, I’m a bad friend =P He too thought it was me singing swt.

K: not partying?
A: No lah…
K: Really? I thought you’ll go out with friends and all?
A:(paused) Ohyea~! Nearly forgot my friends are bringing me out! (laughs)

Maybe it’s just the Yong gene… XD

Lastly… Happy 19th Birthday, Alex Yong! =)

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Star NiE Mag Inc 2009

After ALL the hard work my team, ZaZa (Yea, ZaZa~! We love pizza XD) put, finally…..

WE GOT OUR PIZZA VOUCHER~!!!! What took it so long anyway? LOLS6001992

Wait a min, I thought we ONLY did ONE mag? Aren’t we suppose to get a Personal Pizza voucher each?

In order to get ourselves a Regular Pan Pizza voucher, we got to produce ONE Mag and ONE Video or TWO Mags. The thing is, the teacher (*ahem) gave out the personal pizza vouchers to a few teams who were suppose to get the Regular. When the teacher realized her mistake, too late, some of the members used their voucher already. Haiz… Sorry-lah and Thanks Lol? That’s why it took so long for my team to get our vouchers lah LOL

For our Mag, we interviewed one HOT personality in our school (well, used too)
Mr, Phan Chau Fu! (I hope I didn’t get the name wrong LOL)

He was a temporary teacher in my school. He scored CGPA 4.0 for his STPM Examination and he is only 18 this year! His Physics is Pro wey. He helped to train my school’s Physics Team…until he got to start Uni. He shared his experience on Teenage Angst. It was a fun interview.

Told ‘ya XD

Anybody hungry for Pizza? Let’s go makan XD after SPM that is LOL

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Graduation 09

6th of November 09

Highlight of the day: Form 5s graduating, of course!

Fu Yuan was done with his speech (too bad, I’m not going to be an engineer/lawyer/or what ever you mentioned hah!), all the prefects stood up, clapped and cheered. I thought: Normal, their Head Prefect mah… After that, Sheen Ru went up stage and gave her speech in Mandarin. And of course, after her speech, We, the Librarians, stood up, clapped and cheered for her, it’s something we always do-give support. Some how, it’s like the “battle” between the Librarians and Prefects hah! Joking~

I wanted to take pics with (hopefully) ALL of my F5 friends but failed. My class was the 1st to perform so I had to get myself prepared. My hair was sprayed with red paint? LOL didn’t like it very much ‘cuz it has a funny paint smell. And you know lah, the ever-busy-body-me is always available to help ppl to take pics LOL! (perasan) I think my class didn’t perform too badly lah although we forgot to give our class teacher the huge bear we got for her haha. GO 5A1! XD

My Standard 6 classmates took a group photo. Aw~ so nice, 2nd graduation together. Our 6M assistant class monitor “suddenly” miss all of us LOL.

Sorry for the bad lighting and bad self-portrait (got to practice after SPM XD) These pics are from my cam. Some ppl here are too familiar (on my blog) for me to introduce XD

Did you notice I'm in my tag and tie? XD For cert taking LOL

Me and Wei Yan
The "famous" DESSERTS and STRESSED duo LOL

Me and Ke Lin
Our 2nd graduation together~

Me, Shinh Nian and Ke Lin

Me and Yan Wei
 I definitely miss those times we duty together

Me and Jia Yee
Fyi: She's famous on the school mag! XD
A great friend I met in secondary school =)

Me and Eileen
Our 2nd graduation together~
Sweet gal =)

Me and Mun Yan
Our 2nd graduation together~

I went to the afternoon session classrooms, hoping to snap a few pics with some of my F1F2 friends. Only manage to get... Dick Son! I met him in primary school. He is Form 1 this year. And of course, my librarian junior =) Cute guy huh? ^^

Chusn Yaw
My 3D classmate

Aaric! Sporting guy but sometimes gets obsessed with his height. Sorry lah LOL

Chian Jen. Kind enough to let me use his camera to S.S (visit to Sunway UC) Future chef? XD

Yong Zhi Yi and Yong Zhi Chuan
My fake bro XD
Ex-classmates LOL

Khai Jhin
6M classmate

Eu Rick
Prefect's second boss LOL
A happy-go-lucky guy despite being"串" hah! XD

So sorry Rick, I have to put this photo up to show my pals that my hair was red, even though your eyes are closed LOL The hall was so dark that when I was out in the light, some ppl was like: "wah, your hair" LOL. Red don't suit me and I don't plan to dye my hair soon =P

After the ceremony, I went to Green Box with my classmates and class teacher. We did had a great time eating junk food LOL, singing (of course) but I think it wasn’t the right place for us to catch up with one another LOL.

5 years of secondary school… definitely not a short time, but it doesn’t seem long either LOL

Prepare for the MAJOR… SPM!!!

Got to keep my hands away from the comp. Miss me yea XD
God bless you! =)
For videos of performances, check out Facebook =)                                                            为什么一定是他?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Class random XD

Firstly, Zi Wang had this idea to take pics of friends for Cassandra who is in Aussie, since the day of graduation is near. I’m a bad friend… Didn’t keep in touch with her (><)

The pic says it all =)

Then, I took time to S.S. (Syok sendiri/camwhore/self portrait) a bit XD My class was preparing for our graduation performance. We had drama and sign language. Until today (7/11/09), I still hear “Kim, how come you are not in the drama wan?” from many friends. I take that as a compliment la XD Thanks for seeing that “talent” in me (perasan LOL) I did play with the drama props. Check it out~

Told you I’m sampat/crazy =P
Me and Yi Jen (I love the lighting)

A lil normal XD

On graduation day, Jinslin randomly said she can’t imagine me without a camera LOL. Playing "photographer" for friends again LOL.

My classmates: Yi Jen, Chee Yin and Cai MeiS6001515

I have some trouble here… I like Facebook’s tagging thingy but for me to upload ALL the pics takes a lot of time and I rather study lo. I like Picasa web ‘cuz it’s fast but the tagging… Haiz (><) Any suggestions, peeps? =)

Coming post… Graduation Day 09 XD

Makes me want to cry but I don't want to. Smile =)

Ke Lin’s Birthday 09

I guess I don’t need to introduce this good friend of mine ^^ Ke Lin is a familiar face on my blog AND in school, rite ppl? LOL

Haven’t been taking photos of my friends for a long time, her birthday is a good excuse LOL. Btw, it's her last birthday celebrated in school =)
For more pics, Click=>

Miss Huong Ke Lin
As you can see, this is the Bilik Bacaan in the library. We were allowed to use the place for her birthday celebration (come on… Ex-Librarians mah XD) since our class is locked up for Graduation rehearsal.

Making a wish (or maybe wishes LOL)

Present giving ceremony XD
Ke Lin and Wei Yan

Tuesday Librarians’ Ketua Kumpulan, Su Yee (What’s another name for K.K. ar? I forgot LOL) S6001461

Some of Tuesday Librarians and Ke Lin
Yea~! We love our dear K.K.

And of course, I don’t want to miss a chance to take a picture with my beautiful friend, even though I looked.. er.. tired. Haiz… sleepless Nights (>.<)

Me and Ke Lin

Special credits to Munyan for making this nice card
I know the pic is not clear... (on purpose XD)

Save the best pic for last ^^
Mun Yan, Eileen, Ke Lin, Yue Wan and Me

I make birthday blog posts for all of them… except of Yue wan. Sorry~! (><) Didn’t manage to attend her birthday celebration… YuYu, I owe you XD
We all (Friends, CP10, 5S1) wrote what we have to say about Ke Lin in that card, so see whether she lets you see it XD
Happy 17th Birthday, Ke Lin!!!

-Your ever sampat friend XD