Saturday, 7 November 2009

Class random XD

Firstly, Zi Wang had this idea to take pics of friends for Cassandra who is in Aussie, since the day of graduation is near. I’m a bad friend… Didn’t keep in touch with her (><)

The pic says it all =)

Then, I took time to S.S. (Syok sendiri/camwhore/self portrait) a bit XD My class was preparing for our graduation performance. We had drama and sign language. Until today (7/11/09), I still hear “Kim, how come you are not in the drama wan?” from many friends. I take that as a compliment la XD Thanks for seeing that “talent” in me (perasan LOL) I did play with the drama props. Check it out~

Told you I’m sampat/crazy =P
Me and Yi Jen (I love the lighting)

A lil normal XD

On graduation day, Jinslin randomly said she can’t imagine me without a camera LOL. Playing "photographer" for friends again LOL.

My classmates: Yi Jen, Chee Yin and Cai MeiS6001515

I have some trouble here… I like Facebook’s tagging thingy but for me to upload ALL the pics takes a lot of time and I rather study lo. I like Picasa web ‘cuz it’s fast but the tagging… Haiz (><) Any suggestions, peeps? =)

Coming post… Graduation Day 09 XD

Makes me want to cry but I don't want to. Smile =)