Saturday, 7 November 2009

Ke Lin’s Birthday 09

I guess I don’t need to introduce this good friend of mine ^^ Ke Lin is a familiar face on my blog AND in school, rite ppl? LOL

Haven’t been taking photos of my friends for a long time, her birthday is a good excuse LOL. Btw, it's her last birthday celebrated in school =)
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Miss Huong Ke Lin
As you can see, this is the Bilik Bacaan in the library. We were allowed to use the place for her birthday celebration (come on… Ex-Librarians mah XD) since our class is locked up for Graduation rehearsal.

Making a wish (or maybe wishes LOL)

Present giving ceremony XD
Ke Lin and Wei Yan

Tuesday Librarians’ Ketua Kumpulan, Su Yee (What’s another name for K.K. ar? I forgot LOL) S6001461

Some of Tuesday Librarians and Ke Lin
Yea~! We love our dear K.K.

And of course, I don’t want to miss a chance to take a picture with my beautiful friend, even though I looked.. er.. tired. Haiz… sleepless Nights (>.<)

Me and Ke Lin

Special credits to Munyan for making this nice card
I know the pic is not clear... (on purpose XD)

Save the best pic for last ^^
Mun Yan, Eileen, Ke Lin, Yue Wan and Me

I make birthday blog posts for all of them… except of Yue wan. Sorry~! (><) Didn’t manage to attend her birthday celebration… YuYu, I owe you XD
We all (Friends, CP10, 5S1) wrote what we have to say about Ke Lin in that card, so see whether she lets you see it XD
Happy 17th Birthday, Ke Lin!!!

-Your ever sampat friend XD