Monday, 23 November 2009

My SPM exam life so far...

BM paper:
Many of my friends chose the same topic, quite normal ‘cuz everyone seems to attend the same tuition centre LOL.

Faedah-faedah yang diperoleh apabila kita menyertai badan beruniformS6002010

Okay… Not to bad, can write quite smoothly. Talking about extra-curricular, Check out my cert. 
 Double A~!!!

Badan beruniform…

This is the note I made for history. Dasar Luar Malaysia. It came out for SPM~! But I didn’t focus much, nevermind.
Tips for SPM History: Do your pass year papers. It helps =)

English and Maths was quite ok. I spotted my own English Literature questions XD Had quite a lot of free time LOL? For essay, I wrote about My favourite day of the week.

If you notice my twitter, I twitted after my SPM Maths paper 1. Thanks to my Librarian junior, Zhi Huang who was using his friend’s laptop LOL. He showed me this…Pls do Try it ppl~ =) Go to, Type “Kwang Hua Librarian” and Click “I’m feeling lucky” and see what happens XD anybody wanna say anything? LOL
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Bible Knowledge is up tomorrow. I guess it’s just me, Crystal and another anonymous fella LOL. 3 and a half hour free time wey Lol

Oh, Isaac is back from S’pore~! Poor Chian Jen was quarantined cuz of eye infection. He showed me some notes he have and told me I might want to see the Chemistry notes. See? again he thought I’m a science stream student == I’m getting used to it LOL?

Sorry-lah, SPM… Lazy to accept the friend requests (><) After SPM will filter them LOLFacebook  Home - Mozilla Firefox 11232009 41117 PM

To all SPM candidates… 加油吧!