Thursday, 26 November 2009

SPM Week Two

24 Nov 2009
SPM Moral paper went quite well. My friends were expecting the "Akta-akta" to come out but sorry, NONE came out!

Tips for Moral paper: Just memorize the definition of the Moral values and you can forget the "Akta-akta" if you don't have enough time LOL. 

I received many wishes from my friends, they remember I need to stay back for 3 and a half hours after Moral paper to sit for my Bible Knowledge LOL. The afternoon librarians were having their Majlis Perpisahan(Farewell), and of course I join the Party~ XD The "mystery BK guy" happened to be my ex-primary school mate LOL? Me, Crystal and Aaric(who was taking another paper) were in the same class. The examiners nice wey XD BK went quite well too. I was quite nervous for BK, but Prayer works =) Thank God for BK and for Pastor Tan Kay Hoe who taught me and Crystal BK =).

25 Nov 2009
SPM Add maths paper
Leon's notes are so THICK! T.T

Add maths paper 1 was OK. Well, can't expect too much from me =.= We have 4 hours break before our Add maths paper 2! We went to 滴水坊. It was still quite early and they haven't open yet. Yie Lynn knows the shop keeper so they open up for us. So cool to sit in a quiet restaurant XD

Pics? XD
Mun Yan Pia-ing~! That's my book k LOL

Me and Mun Yan's Mp3 player XD

Our class monitor, Yan Jun Great example... Wear your face mask~! LOL
Yong Siang (background)

That's Vivian at the end of the table =)
Siew Chee so pia
Mun Yan's true colours XD

My lunch~ Wasn't that filling *hungry*

This is what kept me "not-hungry" LOL

After eating, studying and talking, of course tired lah. So I decided to take a nap with Mun Yan's teddy. Wait... The teddy was my pillow so should be sleeping ON teddy LOL. Poor teddy...
Tip for add maths paper's 4 hours break: Bring your pillow~ LOL

Add maths paper 2 didn't turn out well for me (>.<) I was under the Sun for like 2 hours 'cuz I was sitting beside the window, the hot Sun was directly shining on me and there was no curtain! Skin flaking dy (>.<) Mood wasn't good... then

My way to de-stress... Self-portrait~!
(Skip this part if you know my face is making you vomit LOL)



So Syok-sendiri huh? XD I feel much better after that and after playing Beethoven's piano Sonata Op.14
Finally changed my profile pic XD

Happy 3rd Anniversary peeps~
Special shout out to Sarah, Angelyn, Alvin, Wynne, Willa, Christine, Ben Oh and so many more~! Want to take a splash? XD