Saturday, 21 November 2009

Star NiE Mag Inc 2009

After ALL the hard work my team, ZaZa (Yea, ZaZa~! We love pizza XD) put, finally…..

WE GOT OUR PIZZA VOUCHER~!!!! What took it so long anyway? LOLS6001992

Wait a min, I thought we ONLY did ONE mag? Aren’t we suppose to get a Personal Pizza voucher each?

In order to get ourselves a Regular Pan Pizza voucher, we got to produce ONE Mag and ONE Video or TWO Mags. The thing is, the teacher (*ahem) gave out the personal pizza vouchers to a few teams who were suppose to get the Regular. When the teacher realized her mistake, too late, some of the members used their voucher already. Haiz… Sorry-lah and Thanks Lol? That’s why it took so long for my team to get our vouchers lah LOL

For our Mag, we interviewed one HOT personality in our school (well, used too)
Mr, Phan Chau Fu! (I hope I didn’t get the name wrong LOL)

He was a temporary teacher in my school. He scored CGPA 4.0 for his STPM Examination and he is only 18 this year! His Physics is Pro wey. He helped to train my school’s Physics Team…until he got to start Uni. He shared his experience on Teenage Angst. It was a fun interview.

Told ‘ya XD

Anybody hungry for Pizza? Let’s go makan XD after SPM that is LOL