Monday, 23 November 2009

This is what happened when Alex meets Kantoi…

Early in the morning, I sent a text message to wish Alex Birthday. Hotlink gives a day of free calls (Maxis-Maxis) during any Hotlink users birthday (yay~!) Alex called me, took me sometime to answer ‘cuz my phone cacat-ed, got to hold the slides together (>.<) and I was studying. SPM~

This is the contact pic I put for Alex

Ohyea~ Bloated Bro calling!!! XD

I don’t remember what exactly happened (that’s why I got to blog it before I totally forget LOL!), but this is more or less the conversation we had.

Me(K) Alex(A)
K: (answered)
K: ello? Can you hear me?
A: … Why you put that caller ring tone?! (Laughs)
K: Why cannot? Nice mah…
A: I thought it was you singing!!! (maybe he thought that was the SURPRISE I promised I’ll give him LOL!)
K and A: LOL!

Fyi: I think we laughed more than we talked, yes bro? LOL

K: Kantoi by Zee Avi, never heard before?
A: Zee Avi?

If you are blurred like my bro here, check the song out. It's so cute and funny~ So into local music ^^ Btw, I recently got this caller ring tone from Hotlink for FREE~

AND I made Leon call just to listen to the song, I’m a bad friend =P He too thought it was me singing swt.

K: not partying?
A: No lah…
K: Really? I thought you’ll go out with friends and all?
A:(paused) Ohyea~! Nearly forgot my friends are bringing me out! (laughs)

Maybe it’s just the Yong gene… XD

Lastly… Happy 19th Birthday, Alex Yong! =)