Wednesday, 30 December 2009

When primary school classmates gather…

*click to enlarge all pics*

Taken in 2004. We all looked so young XD

Most of us went to the same secondary school, SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang. Pic taken on Graduation Day. Not many were informed, only my gang and 3 guys behind there LOL. We were determined to have another photo shoot hehe
6M classmates. Kwang Hua graduation day

Last day of SPM (Chinese paper ar…) More ppl huh? =)6M classmates. Late day of SPM

Oh I love this pose XD
6M classmates. Late day of SPM 2

I thought we were gonna talk and hang out a bit but many went home straight after the photo shoot. Some things changed… We were in different classes during secondary school and we don’t really make the effort to catch up (>.<)

Finally, the day came for our gathering *YAY~!* In the afternoon, Me and my usually-hang-out-together girlfriends (except for Eileen) went to watch movie in Jusco. After the arrival of “your Highness”-Eileen LOL, we walked to Lucky 10. Ye Yan and Yee Yew arrived too. We asked the waiter to join the tables up then we sat there and wait for the others. Our assistant monitor-Chew Wei Yan was LATE! And to our horror… WE WERE AT THE WRONG PLACE!!! Wei Yan gave EVERYONE the wrong name of the venue!!! We quickly apologized and hurried to 88 restaurant which was 2 shops away. Anyway, there were 21 of us plus Cikgu Kang and the party started~! We were all sweating, seriously very hot (>.<)

The camera sponsor, Yee Yew! Thank you =)
On Facebook, he complained he forgot to take off his specs. He looked ok right? LOL
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew

Don't tell me you don't know her LOL
Me and Ke Lin, Friends since kindergarten =)
6M class gathering 2009-Kim and Ke Lin

Fiona, Esther and Me
6M class gathering 2009-Fiona, Esther and Kim 

Ye Yan(she's my 5A1 classmate), Ke Lin and Me
I looked so old with specs haha
6M class gathering 2009-Ye Yan, Ke Lin and Kim

Yee Yew and Me
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew and Kim

Mun Yan and Yee Yew
"Quarreling" from gathering til now on Facebook =.=
6M class gathering 2009-Mun Yan and Yee Yew    

And of course I did what I do best, (other than S.S-ing *ahem*)
Table mates and some-other-table-mates LOL!
6M class gathering 2009-Random 1
6M class gathering 2009-Random 2

Look at Yee Yew~!
6M class gathering 2009-Random3

Chew Wei Yan-assistant class monitor giving a speech
6M class gathering 2009-wei yan

Gonna cry?
6M class gathering 2009-weiyan 2

His speech on Facebook...
Facebook  6M'04 Rashna - Mozilla Firefox 12302009 34503 PM 

Yee Yew and Ke Lin
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew and Ke Lin

Facebook frenzy doesn't end there...
Looks like Yee Yew want to make Wei Yan jealous XD
Facebook  George Zhi's status   

56 comments~?! Shu Yin, Yee Yew, Wen Ping and Munyan spammed me AND STILL spamming me LOL
Kim's status 1

I think this is our FIRST ever successful gathering (the small small gathering not counted la LOL) Those memories are truly treasured (too many to elaborate LOL) Although I didn't get to talk to everyone, but at least we saw each other and we won't be like:"who is that?!" when we see one another next time. Cikgu Kang is a vegetarian but still she came and had fun with us (got vegetables to eat wan mah LOL) I miss Yi Qian~! (>.<) I hope more people will make effort to attend our next gathering =) I love you all, 6M! =)

A late group pic 
Cikgu Kang, Ke Lin, Ye Yan, and Fiona went home and we dropped Yee Yew's cam~! Somebody get a tripod next time (don't look at me haha)
6M class gathering 2009-group pic

Sunday, 27 December 2009

A 12 year old stalker of my blog

SHE added me on Facebook before my SPM. If you read my SPM posts, I wasn’t free to accept those friend request. I could recognize who SHE was but I don’t know her personally. I reached church for the open house quite early. Practically ALL of my friends were away for the holiday so I just try to mix around. I decided to say hi to her before the Open house started. We casually chat and she said:”hey, I read your blog.” At first I thought:”normal la”, then she began talking more about my blog.

*She mentioned that she didn’t go for this year’s family camp, asked why she never see Alex Yong before in church (bro! you’re famous XD), knows that ppl spells my name wrongly and how to do it LOL, said it’s so cool to get my teeth checked in school after eating chocs during Valentine’s Day(that was like, last year's post?), knows I’m craving for a cam (so totally >.<), told me that the teacher I interviewed is cute (size wise LOL) etc.* As I mentioned earlier, I so totally don’t know her but the way she talked to me was as if she knew me for like years! She could relate to me easily LOL.
Presenting… Jasmine Chee~!
sweating after “playing real life Restaurant City” LOL

I mean, who on earth will read your blog so closely and almost everything in your blog unless he/she is your close friend? I call it STALKER! LOL (yea, I did called Jasmine stalker LOL)

We stuck to each other throughout the Open house, she also thinks I have a “science face” =.=, and we talked about music~ After the performances, we helped to give out the plates, fork and spoon in the food line (like playing real life Restaurant City wey XD) and I have no problem introducing her to other friends like Gid (refer to Youth Camp 08) since he appeared in my blog LOL. I wasn’t so lonely after all =) Thank God for her ^^

She said she went to, typed Kwang Hua Librarian, clicked “I’m feeling lucky” and it worked XD

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Memories from the juniors to a senior

I received this handmade book from my Librarian juniors before graduation. This book is like a reminder of what I went through with my juniors. It’s been 3 good years being a librarian. I’ve been blogging a lot about my Librarian/School Life and now I want to blog about this handmade book. I’m a forgetful person so I got to blog in order to remember something (maybe something special? LOL) 

Here goes =)

Note: ALL the notes I received are SPECIAL, if I don’t post the note here, doesn’t mean it’s not-so-special. I’m just picking a few to share with all of you =) Click the pics to enlarge/zoom in. (As far as I know, Wei Yan is the only one who told me that he enlarges the letters/notes I received and actually read it all, maybe there’s another weirdo like him XD)

Nice cover huh? At least they got my name right den…

! My personal junior got it wrong! Can’t blame anyone ‘cuz my name was typed wrongly in the Librarian Contact List. Britanny wrote:

Pei Er, my first personal junior. I wasn’t a good senior btw =P

From Su Mei. I told her I love her like crazy too XD

Pau Ling. We got close after the teacher’s day (not-so-pleasant) incident. Click to read=> Perfect Day This note reminds me how we got through it =)

Hong Wei reminds me that I’m a playful senior XD

Isaac. How can I forget you? You have… 1 heart 2 eyes 5 liters of blood…(refer to the note LOL)Image1854

Some juniors didn’t want their secret identity to be known swtImage1855

From Sze Yeen. You mean we all ate Baskin Robbins in the library?! WOW, how can I forget those kan-jiong moments XD

From Chia Voon. I don’t have good memory btw (>.<) and yea, I’m a LOL person XDImage1860

I’m a =) person too huh? LOL

Just so nice to reminisce those nice and sweet memories.

One thing to try out: Go to, type Kwang Hua Librarian, click “I’m feeling lucky” and see what you get ^^

I love Kwang Hua Librarians! XD

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas party at Ke Lin’s house cum caroling

Ke Lin moved to her new house like 2 years ago? but I’ve never had the chance to go to her new house. A day before SPM Chinese Paper, Ke Lin texted me, saying that she has something to announce. We jokingly say that Ke Lin’s gonna get married (I must have been so stressed during SPM until I lost my mind LOL) The fact is, Ke Lin invited us to her house *yay*

The friends. We missed Eileen!!! 
I don’t know what happened to Bear and Ah Hui LOL
 Us 1

So cute XD
Us 2
We sang karaoke. Ke Lin’s DVD player has this score thingy, after we finished a song, press the “SCORE” button, the score (eg: 88%) will appear on the screen, so cute wan XD
We watched Dr. Suess’ Horton hears a Who. It’s a funny show. Mun Yan is a lil bit obsessed with Jim Carrey LOL

How I wished my house can plant fruits…Passion fruit from Ke Lin’s garden. The fruit has this sour-sweet-funny taste LOL
passion fruit

About 11pm, here comes the carolers from Ke Lin’s church! I tell you… they are so Professional, They actually sang in parts! (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass) So totally brought in the Christmas mood.

We had spaghetti for dinner, chewed sugarcane (from Ke Lin’s garden too!), ate porridge, kuihs, ice-cream etc. Ke Lin’s mum is a good cook. 我们真有口福了XD
We got our hands dirty (in a good way LOL) to wrap our own Popiah. Mun Yan’s first attempt…
Munyan and popiah

er… Popiah?! LOL
We wore that same shirt to sleep LOL
aiyo XD
Random: I left my phone on top of the cupboard, after eating (so full), I went to check for any calls/text. As I was pressing the buttons, Ke Lin’s church’s pastor suddenly came to my side and said: ”一样的(手提电话),我的红色.”Translate: “ same phone wor, mine is red.” Everyone laughed. The pastor is so cute huh? XD

FYI: my phone is spoiled but I’m STILL using it, pls don’t call me, I can hear you saying:”hello? hello?!”, but you cant hear me. I need a phone

Me, Mun Yan, Jia Yee and Fiona stay over at Ke Lin’s house. Siao us sang 千里之外 as the rest went home XD The 5 of us discussed about our future. Poor Jia Yee was sick so she slept first.
I don’t know about you but I MISS almost everybody! Can’t wait to see my dear friends again. 6M gathering is coming up =) tomorrow is Christmas. Although it seems like a lonely one, (all of my close church friends are away! I don’t even have to shop for their presents >.<) but I know I’m not alone.

….Immanuel which means, “God with us”
Matthew 1:23
Christmas…is Not just another day, not just a festival… BUT…it’s a day to remember Christ, whom God sent, to save us from our sins. Whether you believe it or not, it’s written in the Bible, the truth is in the Bible.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son to condemn the world but to save the world through him.”
John 3:16-17
Blessed Christmas =)

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Singapore Trip 09

Heya! How’s everyone doing? I had a great time in Singapore. Randomly twit-ed here and there =P. Well, I cant put the WHOLE STORY here but this some of the snip-its LOL.Feel free to talk about this to me, I am more than willing to share more about my trip =)

As you know, Cam-my is not around so photo credits goes to Sis and Uncle’s camera phone XD (and me lah =P) I saved some pics for my sis to post on her blog (don't want our blogs to looked the same =.=)

1st day:
Basically spent on travelling, stopped by (father’s side) aunt’s house in Johor.

Copy of Image1659

And finally…. I swam~! Due to SPM exam plus cant-fit-in-my-swim-suit plus no-time-to-shop, I didn’t swim for like, a year?!
Fyi: I learnt how to swim from my dad and I only can swim one style *teehee* (not bad mah haha)

My cousins are good swimmers, in fact, S’pore government pay for their swimming lessons (impressed) Seeing that everyone can swim, my sis finally got motivated and learnt how to swim on that day itself. Congrats sis! =)

We had dinner with my mum’s bro/Kao fu/uncle and family and my mum’s sis/Yi-yi/aunt and family. Prawns~! XD 3 types of cooking style wey LOL

2nd day:
Surfed the net a bit and hang out in the condo. When night comes…
Tadaa~! According to yi-yi (refer to top), ION is a new shopping complex. As you can see in the photo, Prada and LV *wah*

Super long escalator

Checking out the toilet XD
Me and Yan Qi  
nice huh? Taught my sis this 招 XD

Then, we decided to walk out.
Me and Grandma

 Red nose rain deer XD

Taken when I was in the car
Santa is fat huh? LOL


Daniel and me

Zi Xuan and Yan Qi

Siblings and cousins

Ice cream~! (haiz, me on holiday but they got to work, money doesn’t come around easily, That’s what I know =))

Sweet Corn~
3rd day:
Went to Mount Faber and walked to Hort Park. It’s bout 2.4 km I think LOL. If you ever visit S’pore, this is a nice place to walk and enjoy nature. And maybe some of you will enjoy the structure of the bridge (my dad LOL) No entrance fee =)

Do you know…

After walking hard…
Ice-cream~! XD How can a ice-cream lover not eat ice-cream LOLImage1732

Went to Night Safari. Entrance fee was paid by aunt so I don’t know exactly how much is it but I tell you, it’s worth it, come on, you can get real close to the animals =)

Random: Drum performance
I like the colour lights XD
Image1740 Image1739Image1741

None of the camera phones we have can take clear night mode pics (oh well) Ppl with DSLR were taking tonnes of pics. I want (>.<) Anyway, we made the best out of what we have =)


After the tram ride, me, sis, aunt and two cousins went for the trail. Advice: Be adventurous. We actually saw the flying squirrel flew~! Going for the trail allows us to get real close to the animals. And... you'll definitely see some dunno-language-ppl who flash the camera's flash at the animals. Nocturnal animals are afraid of flashes, there's signs everywhere reminding everyone not to switch on their flashes AND during the animal show, the MC reminded everyone again and again in Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, English etc not to switch on the flashes but still.... inconsiderate ppl =.=


Ticklish and fun =)

4th day:
To keep the long story short, me, sis and Yi-yi went to Bugis Street in the afternoon (I know, where are the rest of the ppl? LOL) My aunt always do her marketing around Bugis but NEVER enter Bugis Street LOL. Basically if you are not a branded-minded person, you can get a skirt/shirt/bag/ etc from 10SD, some even cheaper *wow* Most importantly, I CAN GET MY SIZE THERE! LOL I feel so good for bringing a recycle bag along, Go green~! XD

Later, we went to NUS to watch MPYO in action. Support MPYO mah. Malaysia Boleh XD and it was FREE! I kid you NOT.

The performance was lively, animated… GOOD! I think they watched Nodame Cantabile before haha, One of my favorite show ^^ Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra rite, I think I spotted some not-so-“youth” ppl but nvm, it’s the music that matters =) Kevin Field (the conductor) definitely brought everyone into the music and the Christmas mood =)
Refer to my twitter: The cello guy was so into the music that my Yi-yi noticed him too LOL. AND… i TRIED to do some stalker job and found his FB *shocked*

This trip is different from  the previous trips. I got some good advice from Yi-Yi about my future etc. Thanks to my cousins, I'm into Diary of a wimpy kid, the story is like so cute and funny! Got lil comics inside LOL. I managed to read only one book. Miss my cousins' bears too XD during our Penang trip last year, I S.S-ed a lot with the bears, but of course didn't post it here-lah LOL. Hopefully going to Sentosa Island next year, Universal Studio's going to open~ You might want to read:Singapore 08 =) 

The piano tuner is coming (he forgotten to come the other time lol) Mun yan's coming too and we are going to Ke Lin's house later XD Til next time =)