Sunday, 27 December 2009

A 12 year old stalker of my blog

SHE added me on Facebook before my SPM. If you read my SPM posts, I wasn’t free to accept those friend request. I could recognize who SHE was but I don’t know her personally. I reached church for the open house quite early. Practically ALL of my friends were away for the holiday so I just try to mix around. I decided to say hi to her before the Open house started. We casually chat and she said:”hey, I read your blog.” At first I thought:”normal la”, then she began talking more about my blog.

*She mentioned that she didn’t go for this year’s family camp, asked why she never see Alex Yong before in church (bro! you’re famous XD), knows that ppl spells my name wrongly and how to do it LOL, said it’s so cool to get my teeth checked in school after eating chocs during Valentine’s Day(that was like, last year's post?), knows I’m craving for a cam (so totally >.<), told me that the teacher I interviewed is cute (size wise LOL) etc.* As I mentioned earlier, I so totally don’t know her but the way she talked to me was as if she knew me for like years! She could relate to me easily LOL.
Presenting… Jasmine Chee~!
sweating after “playing real life Restaurant City” LOL

I mean, who on earth will read your blog so closely and almost everything in your blog unless he/she is your close friend? I call it STALKER! LOL (yea, I did called Jasmine stalker LOL)

We stuck to each other throughout the Open house, she also thinks I have a “science face” =.=, and we talked about music~ After the performances, we helped to give out the plates, fork and spoon in the food line (like playing real life Restaurant City wey XD) and I have no problem introducing her to other friends like Gid (refer to Youth Camp 08) since he appeared in my blog LOL. I wasn’t so lonely after all =) Thank God for her ^^

She said she went to, typed Kwang Hua Librarian, clicked “I’m feeling lucky” and it worked XD