Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I want to watch orchestra~!

I purposely linked some not-so-familiar terms with Wikipedia, I learned quite a lot and would like to share it =)

The last orchestra I watched (18th Jul, so looong ago >.<)-Johann Sebastian Bach “Mass in B Minor” Truly a MASTERPIECE from Bach =) If you asked me to describe his music, I don’t know how to put it LOL. It’s just so STYLISH. I likey the Contrapuntal/counterpoint.

A blurred pic I secretly took =P As you can see, the choir, conductor, orchestra~ Love love love~!

Few weeks before the Bach Orchestra…

I stalked MPO’s website and found this special guest who is going to perform in MPO. I asked my dad N times to get the tickets. When my dad finally got ‘em, I was so excited I even blogged a short post bout it XD => pre-orchestra blog post

MPO was great! Especially the cellist, the way he makes his cello “sing”, I was like *wow* So far I haven’t seen any female conductors (live show), Xian Zhang totally conducted with full energy and spirit.

Chuanyun Li totally made the audience clapped and cheered non-stop after performing Symphonie espagnole Op.21-Eduard Lalo.  
Fyi: In September 2003, he performed that same piece with Iceland Symphony Orchestra under Rumon Gamba, within 5-days notice to replace Maxim Vengerov.

In my opinion, he’s not only a violinist but also an entertainer, he played 2 extra pieces (solo) and of course made the audience laughed, he unscrewed the bow, let the hair hanging in the air and said he was fishing LOL!

Didn’t get his autograph, but did snap 2 pics of him XD

Opening the water bottle…

Signing~ LOL

SPM Chinese paper is less than a week away, and here I am planning to watch Tchaikovsky Spectacular~! (view sidebar-cravings~) Plan only-lah, my mum made it clear she is not interested in Orchestra, my bro too. Anyone wanna go? LOL I don't blurly watched an orchestra, I actually do my research before that so I will understand the music LOL?

*from my twitter: the old Samsung camera spoiled, no new pics at the moment T.T*