Saturday, 26 December 2009

Memories from the juniors to a senior

I received this handmade book from my Librarian juniors before graduation. This book is like a reminder of what I went through with my juniors. It’s been 3 good years being a librarian. I’ve been blogging a lot about my Librarian/School Life and now I want to blog about this handmade book. I’m a forgetful person so I got to blog in order to remember something (maybe something special? LOL) 

Here goes =)

Note: ALL the notes I received are SPECIAL, if I don’t post the note here, doesn’t mean it’s not-so-special. I’m just picking a few to share with all of you =) Click the pics to enlarge/zoom in. (As far as I know, Wei Yan is the only one who told me that he enlarges the letters/notes I received and actually read it all, maybe there’s another weirdo like him XD)

Nice cover huh? At least they got my name right den…

! My personal junior got it wrong! Can’t blame anyone ‘cuz my name was typed wrongly in the Librarian Contact List. Britanny wrote:

Pei Er, my first personal junior. I wasn’t a good senior btw =P

From Su Mei. I told her I love her like crazy too XD

Pau Ling. We got close after the teacher’s day (not-so-pleasant) incident. Click to read=> Perfect Day This note reminds me how we got through it =)

Hong Wei reminds me that I’m a playful senior XD

Isaac. How can I forget you? You have… 1 heart 2 eyes 5 liters of blood…(refer to the note LOL)Image1854

Some juniors didn’t want their secret identity to be known swtImage1855

From Sze Yeen. You mean we all ate Baskin Robbins in the library?! WOW, how can I forget those kan-jiong moments XD

From Chia Voon. I don’t have good memory btw (>.<) and yea, I’m a LOL person XDImage1860

I’m a =) person too huh? LOL

Just so nice to reminisce those nice and sweet memories.

One thing to try out: Go to, type Kwang Hua Librarian, click “I’m feeling lucky” and see what you get ^^

I love Kwang Hua Librarians! XD