Sunday, 13 December 2009

A “meteor” landed on my mum’s car

This happened few Friday nights ago…

My family (except for me, obviously, studying at home mah) was on their way to Subang to attend DG. When my dad drove under the flyover, *BAMM!!!* something hard hit the car. Glass shattered everywhere. The result…

Photo credits given to Sis 
Poor Myvi

Thank God no one was hurt. My dad is a steady driver =) No choice, got to drive back home. I got shocked, hello… my family was in the car (><)

The reason I’m blogging is… Where on earth that hard thing came from? Anyway, it was an accurate shot as the “meteor” landed in the middle of the windscreen.
Car repaired. *relieved*

I guess next time I got to watch out whenever I pass under a flyover =X