Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Singapore Trip 09

Heya! How’s everyone doing? I had a great time in Singapore. Randomly twit-ed here and there =P. Well, I cant put the WHOLE STORY here but this some of the snip-its LOL.Feel free to talk about this to me, I am more than willing to share more about my trip =)

As you know, Cam-my is not around so photo credits goes to Sis and Uncle’s camera phone XD (and me lah =P) I saved some pics for my sis to post on her blog (don't want our blogs to looked the same =.=)

1st day:
Basically spent on travelling, stopped by (father’s side) aunt’s house in Johor.

Copy of Image1659

And finally…. I swam~! Due to SPM exam plus cant-fit-in-my-swim-suit plus no-time-to-shop, I didn’t swim for like, a year?!
Fyi: I learnt how to swim from my dad and I only can swim one style *teehee* (not bad mah haha)

My cousins are good swimmers, in fact, S’pore government pay for their swimming lessons (impressed) Seeing that everyone can swim, my sis finally got motivated and learnt how to swim on that day itself. Congrats sis! =)

We had dinner with my mum’s bro/Kao fu/uncle and family and my mum’s sis/Yi-yi/aunt and family. Prawns~! XD 3 types of cooking style wey LOL

2nd day:
Surfed the net a bit and hang out in the condo. When night comes…
Tadaa~! According to yi-yi (refer to top), ION is a new shopping complex. As you can see in the photo, Prada and LV *wah*

Super long escalator

Checking out the toilet XD
Me and Yan Qi  
nice huh? Taught my sis this 招 XD

Then, we decided to walk out.
Me and Grandma

 Red nose rain deer XD

Taken when I was in the car
Santa is fat huh? LOL


Daniel and me

Zi Xuan and Yan Qi

Siblings and cousins

Ice cream~! (haiz, me on holiday but they got to work, money doesn’t come around easily, That’s what I know =))

Sweet Corn~
3rd day:
Went to Mount Faber and walked to Hort Park. It’s bout 2.4 km I think LOL. If you ever visit S’pore, this is a nice place to walk and enjoy nature. And maybe some of you will enjoy the structure of the bridge (my dad LOL) No entrance fee =)

Do you know…

After walking hard…
Ice-cream~! XD How can a ice-cream lover not eat ice-cream LOLImage1732

Went to Night Safari. Entrance fee was paid by aunt so I don’t know exactly how much is it but I tell you, it’s worth it, come on, you can get real close to the animals =)

Random: Drum performance
I like the colour lights XD
Image1740 Image1739Image1741

None of the camera phones we have can take clear night mode pics (oh well) Ppl with DSLR were taking tonnes of pics. I want (>.<) Anyway, we made the best out of what we have =)


After the tram ride, me, sis, aunt and two cousins went for the trail. Advice: Be adventurous. We actually saw the flying squirrel flew~! Going for the trail allows us to get real close to the animals. And... you'll definitely see some dunno-language-ppl who flash the camera's flash at the animals. Nocturnal animals are afraid of flashes, there's signs everywhere reminding everyone not to switch on their flashes AND during the animal show, the MC reminded everyone again and again in Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, English etc not to switch on the flashes but still.... inconsiderate ppl =.=


Ticklish and fun =)

4th day:
To keep the long story short, me, sis and Yi-yi went to Bugis Street in the afternoon (I know, where are the rest of the ppl? LOL) My aunt always do her marketing around Bugis but NEVER enter Bugis Street LOL. Basically if you are not a branded-minded person, you can get a skirt/shirt/bag/ etc from 10SD, some even cheaper *wow* Most importantly, I CAN GET MY SIZE THERE! LOL I feel so good for bringing a recycle bag along, Go green~! XD

Later, we went to NUS to watch MPYO in action. Support MPYO mah. Malaysia Boleh XD and it was FREE! I kid you NOT.

The performance was lively, animated… GOOD! I think they watched Nodame Cantabile before haha, One of my favorite show ^^ Malaysian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra rite, I think I spotted some not-so-“youth” ppl but nvm, it’s the music that matters =) Kevin Field (the conductor) definitely brought everyone into the music and the Christmas mood =)
Refer to my twitter: The cello guy was so into the music that my Yi-yi noticed him too LOL. AND… i TRIED to do some stalker job and found his FB *shocked*

This trip is different from  the previous trips. I got some good advice from Yi-Yi about my future etc. Thanks to my cousins, I'm into Diary of a wimpy kid, the story is like so cute and funny! Got lil comics inside LOL. I managed to read only one book. Miss my cousins' bears too XD during our Penang trip last year, I S.S-ed a lot with the bears, but of course didn't post it here-lah LOL. Hopefully going to Sentosa Island next year, Universal Studio's going to open~ You might want to read:Singapore 08 =) 

The piano tuner is coming (he forgotten to come the other time lol) Mun yan's coming too and we are going to Ke Lin's house later XD Til next time =)