Sunday, 13 December 2009

SPM Week Four

Economy paper was OK. Not much comment LOL. Missing Cam-my (><) for now I’m using my sis’ phone’s camera (Mine cacat-ed =P)

Aaric said something about it but I think he meant if I had been blogging in Chinese, Chinese wouldn’t be that hard for me.  Can somebody say to me:”Chinese is easy” ? (><)

The piano tuner came… and he is coming again. Bad me =P I didn’t informed him about the last three keys, I felt that it wasn’t right… Well, maybe it’s just me-lah. Being a professional tuner, he’s coming to double check. Hammond music centre’s service memang *thumbs up* Highly recommended by my ex-teacher (my piano teacher now is my ex-teacher’s student, my ex-teacher has too many students LOL) Bought my black beauty from there too =)

And now presenting…

The *new* blogger, Wei Yan~! He blogs at
Welcome to the world of blogging LOL

Today wasn’t a pleasant day. With everyone talking about college and all…

My inner thoughts: Shocked that I’m not a science stream student? be more shocked ‘cuz very lil chances I’m taking a professional degree (lawyer, accountant bla…) AND I’m not going overseas to study at the moment. If you go :WHAT?!, I mean, you wanna pay for my education? Going overseas is an opportunity but who says studying locally doesn’t have a bright future? I admit I don’t have the brains.

My parents are going to talk to me after SPM Chinese paper, looks like they have a change of plan (AGAIN~!?) (><) I’m counting on you, God