Thursday, 3 December 2009

SPM Week Three

Sunday, 29 Nov
Was on duty in church. Instead of playing the piano, I was assisting Kor Oon Ee with the worship actions. One huge thing I realized was I wasn’t as self-conscious when I was younger compare to now. Yup, I love how kids being not self-conscious and just being their cute self in praising God. I have the chance to be a kid again (yay~!) XD
Note to self: I’m a child of God =)

After church, Some how we started on the “teeth” topic. My sis had her braces done on the first day of my SPM. Angelyn wants braces, Michael told me his teeth history, some ppl ask why I don’t have braces and I answered:”it’s nice as it is” LOL 
Fyi: I used to be so obsess with my teeth ‘cuz almost all of my church friends have braces (silly me) =.= But I don’t now XD

Kids nowadays have FB, which is so cool, yes? LOL and hand phones (wow) Neh, was just talking to some friends who are kids LOL

And then (haha), I went to the Big Bad Book Sale~!

Ops… Forgot to bring my own bag…

The books are so cheap that I felt sad to buy them for a so low price (Librarian syndrome =.=) I finished 2 books in 2 days XD but I controlled myself to save them after SPM LOL. I feel like giving some of my nice books out as I already have the whole storyline in my brain, but not everyone likes 2nd hand books like I do (I mean, what’s wrong?)

After shopping (yay~), my dad received a message from my cousin bro. Remember the cousin bro I mentioned last time who got 10A1 and 1A2 for SPM? He got into local matriculation and… He GOT 4AS FOR HIS FINAL EXAM~! that's the FULL score! wow… pressured (>.<) My parents and I decided on which college I’m gonna attend next year… but I’m kinda unsure, perhaps I just missed my friends from school? Idk

SPM Accounts Paper 2 was a lil more challenging compare to trials LOL? SPM Science was ok, except I don’t know how to do “the extraction of tin ore” part. I broke my file case again =.=

After my science paper, Mum took me and sis for a hair cut. 失恋女孩 haha. V Jiet was the 1st friend who saw my funny hair *shocked* ‘cuz he passed by March Saloon
Now is your turn LOL

*New look* from Side sweep to Bangs

Told you it’s funny, don’t vomit wey

My bloggie has a new look too XD working on the header LOL
I’m left with SPM Economics and Chinese paper. Jia you ba, my friends~!