Wednesday, 30 December 2009

When primary school classmates gather…

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Taken in 2004. We all looked so young XD

Most of us went to the same secondary school, SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang. Pic taken on Graduation Day. Not many were informed, only my gang and 3 guys behind there LOL. We were determined to have another photo shoot hehe
6M classmates. Kwang Hua graduation day

Last day of SPM (Chinese paper ar…) More ppl huh? =)6M classmates. Late day of SPM

Oh I love this pose XD
6M classmates. Late day of SPM 2

I thought we were gonna talk and hang out a bit but many went home straight after the photo shoot. Some things changed… We were in different classes during secondary school and we don’t really make the effort to catch up (>.<)

Finally, the day came for our gathering *YAY~!* In the afternoon, Me and my usually-hang-out-together girlfriends (except for Eileen) went to watch movie in Jusco. After the arrival of “your Highness”-Eileen LOL, we walked to Lucky 10. Ye Yan and Yee Yew arrived too. We asked the waiter to join the tables up then we sat there and wait for the others. Our assistant monitor-Chew Wei Yan was LATE! And to our horror… WE WERE AT THE WRONG PLACE!!! Wei Yan gave EVERYONE the wrong name of the venue!!! We quickly apologized and hurried to 88 restaurant which was 2 shops away. Anyway, there were 21 of us plus Cikgu Kang and the party started~! We were all sweating, seriously very hot (>.<)

The camera sponsor, Yee Yew! Thank you =)
On Facebook, he complained he forgot to take off his specs. He looked ok right? LOL
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew

Don't tell me you don't know her LOL
Me and Ke Lin, Friends since kindergarten =)
6M class gathering 2009-Kim and Ke Lin

Fiona, Esther and Me
6M class gathering 2009-Fiona, Esther and Kim 

Ye Yan(she's my 5A1 classmate), Ke Lin and Me
I looked so old with specs haha
6M class gathering 2009-Ye Yan, Ke Lin and Kim

Yee Yew and Me
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew and Kim

Mun Yan and Yee Yew
"Quarreling" from gathering til now on Facebook =.=
6M class gathering 2009-Mun Yan and Yee Yew    

And of course I did what I do best, (other than S.S-ing *ahem*)
Table mates and some-other-table-mates LOL!
6M class gathering 2009-Random 1
6M class gathering 2009-Random 2

Look at Yee Yew~!
6M class gathering 2009-Random3

Chew Wei Yan-assistant class monitor giving a speech
6M class gathering 2009-wei yan

Gonna cry?
6M class gathering 2009-weiyan 2

His speech on Facebook...
Facebook  6M'04 Rashna - Mozilla Firefox 12302009 34503 PM 

Yee Yew and Ke Lin
6M class gathering 2009-Yee Yew and Ke Lin

Facebook frenzy doesn't end there...
Looks like Yee Yew want to make Wei Yan jealous XD
Facebook  George Zhi's status   

56 comments~?! Shu Yin, Yee Yew, Wen Ping and Munyan spammed me AND STILL spamming me LOL
Kim's status 1

I think this is our FIRST ever successful gathering (the small small gathering not counted la LOL) Those memories are truly treasured (too many to elaborate LOL) Although I didn't get to talk to everyone, but at least we saw each other and we won't be like:"who is that?!" when we see one another next time. Cikgu Kang is a vegetarian but still she came and had fun with us (got vegetables to eat wan mah LOL) I miss Yi Qian~! (>.<) I hope more people will make effort to attend our next gathering =) I love you all, 6M! =)

A late group pic 
Cikgu Kang, Ke Lin, Ye Yan, and Fiona went home and we dropped Yee Yew's cam~! Somebody get a tripod next time (don't look at me haha)
6M class gathering 2009-group pic