Sunday, 31 January 2010

Thurs: Started my piano theory lessons =) As mentioned in my earlier post, I rarely hardly never don't play much of Romantic and 20th century pieces, (Loves Bach and Beethoven *teehee*) I'm loving Clair de Lune, which is my blog song at the moment. 

Lately I've been thinking quite a lot, can't sleep well (>.<) Talked to dad about blogging and all, he thinks it's wasting time, oh well. Tried reading One flew over the cuckoo's nest, he said it's a good book, but I guess I got to try harder

Fri: Received a surprise call from dear Eileen =) Good to hear from her ^^ I don't know why, at times we all feel like talking to someone but don't know what to talk about. I'm glad, blessed, thankful that I have friends that I can randomly call up XD (I didn't say family ain't important yea LOL) This is a video of her 17th birthday last year, it's like quite long ago, I don't have that "long" hair dy. Thanks Jia Yee for this video~! =)

FYI: it's kinda like a tradition for us to give clothes for our friends' birthday. I totally love the ones I got from my dears ^^

Crystal Facebook-messaged me. She started SAM. I love to hear her funny stories, especially the car park fight XD. I called her back at night, didn't talked much as she was preparing dinner and I was about to go to my dad's DG(Discipleship Group)/cell group. The Tans' have loads of DVDs to watch *teehee* Watched Ghosts of Girlfriends past. Kinda Christmas carol-ish. Drama-ish~ Don't know how to describe =P

After DG, I had a good talk with Angelyn and some parents haha. Everyone seemed to be interested in my future and what I'm doing at home now haha.

Sat: Went to Old JJ to shop for Chinese New Year goodies with my family. It's kinda cool to carry the huge 文桥 recycle bag around. Didn't use any plastic bags~

No Plastic Bag Day

Sun: Sermon taken from Romans 1. The Bible is always so real to me. Catched up with my pals =)

 At home
Photo credits to sis' cam phone. Taken last week i think
I'm fine peeps, still the ever positive Kim XD
In the comfort of my home 

I want to watch FAME. Looks like a nice show =) Do you think I should give it a try for the LG phone contest?

Take care yea =)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Color test =)

I love reading Ru Xuan's bloggie~ What a cool layout ^^

I tried the color test she tried and mentioned on her blog. You can try it too =) I love to hear your results. It's a very short and simple test, not some spammy stuff LOL.

Pls be honest, don't scroll down before you've done the test =) 

These are my results:
Color-and-Me.swf from - StumbleUpon - Mozilla Firefox 1282010 90641 PM

Interesting huh? xD

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Big ideas for a small planet

Believe it or not, my family didn't subscribe Astro. Frankly, I do enjoy watching television programmes but I'm picky *teehee* I'm loving Big ideas for a small planet~ I watched a few episodes on ntv7 and this show reminds of *drumrolls*... AVATAR! I know, I'm weird, I think a lot lately to keep my brain moving I guess =P Maybe I should post a movie review on Avatar so you'll know how it relates.

It won't take you a lot of time to watch this, 5 mins can spare mah? =) All of the other episodes are nice too, go to the site and watch some more if you care =) 
 Refresh if it leads to "sponsered message"
Big ideas for a small planet-Music

It's amazing how ppl are doing what they can to save our planet Earth. We ALL can do our part to save OUR planet. The "No Plastic Bag" Day (every Saturday starting from 1st of January 2010) was implemented in Selangor. I was like:" Thank God!" Seriously, before that, I made a point to take my own shopping/recycle bag when I go shopping or simply stuffing things I bought into my bag LOL. Department stores like Jusco/Aeon allowed me to do so *happy*, unlike some cashier/stores, insisted that I use THEIR plastic bag, I got quite upset (>.<) Don't just sit there and then:"er... ok", take action, NOW~! even you are not in Selangor or "can afford" to pay RM0.20 for each plastic bag =)

Can somebody make or design a shopping/recycle bag that has a statement on it saying:"I am waayyy cuter than Plastic Bags!"? xD I'll buy it if there is haha. A bag "talking"? wow xD

We have ONLY 1 Earth

Monday, 25 January 2010

I went to Johor during the weekends. So ngam the Sultan of Johor passed away. I love the swing under the rambutan tree~ The lil nephews weren't around 'cuz their dad aka my cousin bro bought a new house nearby. Aunt went to her daughter's place 'cuz my cousin sis recently delivered her 4th child/son, uncle had to attend a wedding so for the first time, my family had the whole big house for our own xD 2 TVs in a house is a *wow* for me (I macam kampung girl, I know LOL) Ate free durians~! My grandfather has a fruit orchard so that's why it's free durians LOL. It's kinda after the season so manage to pick 2 of 'em only.

Ke Lin, Jia Yee and I went to Kwang Hua last Friday~! For me, I went there to get my *new* extra-curricular cert, they typed the details wrong, anyway, it wasn't fixed, the clerk said the printer still has some problem. Secondly, to check out the Librarians *I hear you scream LOL* Last but not least, for Kwang Hua Christian Union's first activity of the year 2010~! So so so nice to meet everyone in school =) I so totally love the reactions, especially when I step into the canteen, and... haha... my funny juniors =) Love all of you ^^

Had durians today again~ Not for free though LOL. I don't like rats around my house (>.<) Listened to some nice music today, one of 'em is Bach <3 Sounds boring to you huh, but not for me, will tell you why I love it soon =)

I dreamt I had 5As for SPM! (>.<) total nightmare plsplspls... no lesser *heart breaks*

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Random pics~

Oh I love this post's title XD
Currently listening to...

The Best of Classical Collections~
The Best Of Classical Collections

Chatted with my old senior LOL. I didn't realize our display pics until he told me LOL.

Where on earth I get these traffics?

I call this Avatar color XD. Loving the movie~!
Avatar aftermath

Told 'ya, RANDOM XD


Monday, 18 January 2010

Started my piano lessons, FINALLY~! Teacher Vivian introduced me and sis (bro was sick =.=) to our new teacher and she is… YU SHI YONG~! She’s my Kwang Hua CU senior, 2 years older than me and she’s nice LOL. The piano lesson went smoothly. I can’t play Romantic and 20th century pieces well (Debussy, Chopin !!) =P I prefer Baroque and Classical pieces (Beethoven~ Bach etc) hehe. One of the new song,click=> Chopin Waltz Op.64 No.1. (btw, is there any place that looks like that in Malaysia? T.T) I've never played a Chopin before *yikes* There's videos of lil kids playing that song, I'm so (>.<) So nice lah, they get to learn music at such a young age. Got to practice a lot. 加油~!

Every 14th of January is my dear Su Lin’s birthday~! Feel so bad for doing nothing except for sending a text sms to her =.= Oh well… I know her since Primary school and she introduced me to the nicest piano teacher, yea, Teacher Vivian XD and the teachers I got from Teacher Vivian are nice too =)

Went for amali, can’t stand the smokers =.= was surprised to see Kai Fen and Song Chiang there.

Mun Yan started her college life! Such a sudden notice. I was chatting with her like, last Wednesday and she popped that out, Saturday went to register, Today start college~! *wow*

It was a coincidence that John and me had the same phone. Different color. He spoiled his and got a new one, or is it from his bro? LOL Mine spoiled but still can use-lah LOL. but specs?! We walked pass each other in church and was staring at each others specs like, huh?!? Anyway, I got ‘em first XD. Random~

Wen Ping is going to Aussie~! I don’t know why I can’t get through her blog, comp prob? (>.<)

Isn't it WEIRD not to have a single picture in this post?LOL

Saturday, 16 January 2010

For the sake of nangs nang?

I don’t know about you, but if you let me choose between nangs and someone who says “nice layout”/ ”just visiting, take care”/ “dropped by”, I choose the latter.

Okay, if you say you nang me, of course you want me to nang you back rite? For me to nang you back just ‘cuz you nang me just feel so weird for me =.= if I don't nang back, somebody will not be happy (oh no). BUT, if it’s like blog hopping etc, I’ll usually check out other bloggers blog and will leave comment on good posts. (I’m attracted to nice headers, ‘cuz I don’t have one LOL) what happened to the feeling of “I blog cuz I want to?” 

If you blog ‘cuz of nangs, I suggest you open a blog, post a letter blog post (like A for the 1st post, B for the next post, C for the 3rd post etc) , put a chat box in your blog, go nang ppl and wait for ppl to nang you back. SO swt huh?

I joined Nuffnang to connect with more bloggers and truly I’ve been reading more blogs than ever (got time after SPM mah XD) I’m not lying, if it’s ‘cuz of $$, I’ll rot just waiting for each cent to come in =.=

Blogs with different blogging style, nice layouts~, bloggers with good personality… Each blog is different. Real blog readers are hard to come by… seriously. I appreciate anyone who reads any ONE posts of mine from top to toe and the best thing is if they are able to relate with me.

I don’t know why I make a fuss out of this, maybe I should just ignore all “for the sake of nangs nang”, but blogging it out definitely makes me feel relieved. Phew~ Thanks bloggie =)

Monday, 11 January 2010

About my pre-undang test, I FAILED my first time. Did a few times then got a reasonably good pass LOL. Fyi: each time I test, the questions are NOT THE SAME

And... Praise God, I passed my undang test~
undang result
The system was down so waited quite long. Reached the place about 9.30am, my test at 2pm+, reached home about 4pm @@

Oh yea, the Chee sisters came back from Japan and gave me this. Not sure what thingy it is but I likey the color XD
frm Willa n Christine

Frankly, I'm quite busy even at home. Chores, practice piano, clean up & tidy up, exercise cycling around my house, read the Bible, sometimes call my friends to talk LOL. And surprisingly, on one FREE afternoon, I decided to do some "painting", first my fingernails, didn't turn out nice so removed it LOL. Then I thought I might do better on my toes, tried to paint my big toe first... and guess what?

The proof
Random toe
LOL! Is it that hard to believe that I can't paint my nails? XD

Went to Youth DG on Saturday. Su Xian just came back from The Star education fair. UCSI OFFERS FULL MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP?! Why didn't I check on that? (>.<) too bad my theory haven't reach Grade 8. I still have time to complete it while I do my Pre-U (Form 6? AUSMAT? A Levels? still not sure). My teacher went to deliver, so I STILL haven't start my music lessons. Teacher Vivian (my ex-teacher, also my current teacher's teacher) is STILL trying to arrange my siblings' and my class. Busy teacher. I did take out my books and try to revise but I don't seem to remember how to do my theory (>.<) help~!

Hohoho~ Being adventurous, I tried a super big frame this time. Call me nerd, crazy, unfashionable etc. I don't really care what ppl say lah, as long I can see clearly then I'm fine =) Since it's my blog, so haha.... XD

Took these pics before I slept ytd LOL
new specs 1

new specs 2

On Sunday, my sis had this piano audition that Kor Oon-Ee gave in church, and she passed it =) I had dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley. Saw Sue-Ann~! Oh I miss her so MUCH! She left when my family started eating. When I was about to leave, saw Isaac Low~! and his same-age-as-me bro LOL. Okay okay, I miss CU ppl and Librarians as well. Looking forward to visit you all in school =)

Daniel Tan, pls update your poor blog~!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Just a post to say that I'm fine =)

At home in my comfy house clothes. yea I'm fine =)

2nd January 2010, Saturday
Went to listen to the undang ceramah, sort of alone. No friends =.= Anyway, I tried to talk to some ppl and made friends *yay* felt the 1Malaysia-ness which was nice =) Straight after the hearing of undang, went for 2010's FIRST Youth Discipleship Group (DG) meeting. Before this, I know Oon-Hui and Noah is going to School of Jeremiah for 6 WEEKS, now Steph too! Aw~ Miss her so much, didn't get to talk to her much lately. Wei Yan is back from China~!

3rd January 2010, Sunday
Was my turn for duty. Kor Oon-Ee said that I am "promoted" LOL? With his and the Awesome God's help, things are (still) under control *teehee*
Went to the Curve for the street market of 'cuz =P but didn't see anything that attracts me. Did I tell you I likey Daiso? I first saw Daiso in Singapore and was hoping that somebody will bring Daiso to Malaysia ^^ Some of Daiso products are creative, I never thought they will come out with products like that LOL. I spent most of the time trying to figure out the meaning of the Japanese characters LOL Spoiled my sport shoe lately so many stuff spoiled

4th January 2010, Monday
Felt uncomfortable NOT going to school. Some friends started college. Tien Zhi too, not in SEGI coll but... in ALC coll?!?! *shocked* Pity him la, his dad want him to take up LCCI before he goes for SEGI's pharmacy. Was on the phone with Yan Wei for quite long, too long didn't talk with her dy *hehe*

5th January 2010, Tuesday
Went to Old JJ to shop for sport shoes. One thing good about Bata is I won't feel that hurt went it's time to say bye bye to my shoes LOL. Made my siblings guess the color of my new shoes and they couldn't guess it haha. Saw Sze Yeen there, so totally miss her. Seeing her in her Librarian uniform, I miss the uniform too (>.<) Redeemed my *FREE* pizza using the pizza voucher I got from The Star NiE Mag Inc 2009 (for story click here)

 RM0.00 XD
Pre-undang test is tomorrow~

Friday, 1 January 2010

Loyal blog reader?

Received this text message from Zi Wang a few days ago

First there was a “stalker”, now a “loyal blog reader”? Are my friends all funny or what? LOL Okay la, I don’t like “fancy-fancy” names (like “loyal blog reader”, stalker etc.) but I think the word-FRIENDS covers it all! You know what? Friends are GOOD stalkers XD randoming~

Zi Wang and sleepy me
Taken a few days before graduation I guess?
 ziwang and kim

I went to church for countdown. The song that goes “count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done” is spinning in my head. Truly it’s been a wonderful year of 2009. God is good, He carried me through ALL my ups and downs, and I can’t Thank Him enough.

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find…” God truly provides all my needs.
I know some of you will ask:”how you know it’s God who is helping you? You can’t see Him right?” I am a human, I can’t do all things in my might. God CAN make the impossible POSSIBLE, ‘cuz He’s God! LOL Just like we can’t see the wind, but we can feel the wind and see the effects of the wind to the things around us right?

Blessed New Year =)