Monday, 11 January 2010

About my pre-undang test, I FAILED my first time. Did a few times then got a reasonably good pass LOL. Fyi: each time I test, the questions are NOT THE SAME

And... Praise God, I passed my undang test~
undang result
The system was down so waited quite long. Reached the place about 9.30am, my test at 2pm+, reached home about 4pm @@

Oh yea, the Chee sisters came back from Japan and gave me this. Not sure what thingy it is but I likey the color XD
frm Willa n Christine

Frankly, I'm quite busy even at home. Chores, practice piano, clean up & tidy up, exercise cycling around my house, read the Bible, sometimes call my friends to talk LOL. And surprisingly, on one FREE afternoon, I decided to do some "painting", first my fingernails, didn't turn out nice so removed it LOL. Then I thought I might do better on my toes, tried to paint my big toe first... and guess what?

The proof
Random toe
LOL! Is it that hard to believe that I can't paint my nails? XD

Went to Youth DG on Saturday. Su Xian just came back from The Star education fair. UCSI OFFERS FULL MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP?! Why didn't I check on that? (>.<) too bad my theory haven't reach Grade 8. I still have time to complete it while I do my Pre-U (Form 6? AUSMAT? A Levels? still not sure). My teacher went to deliver, so I STILL haven't start my music lessons. Teacher Vivian (my ex-teacher, also my current teacher's teacher) is STILL trying to arrange my siblings' and my class. Busy teacher. I did take out my books and try to revise but I don't seem to remember how to do my theory (>.<) help~!

Hohoho~ Being adventurous, I tried a super big frame this time. Call me nerd, crazy, unfashionable etc. I don't really care what ppl say lah, as long I can see clearly then I'm fine =) Since it's my blog, so haha.... XD

Took these pics before I slept ytd LOL
new specs 1

new specs 2

On Sunday, my sis had this piano audition that Kor Oon-Ee gave in church, and she passed it =) I had dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley. Saw Sue-Ann~! Oh I miss her so MUCH! She left when my family started eating. When I was about to leave, saw Isaac Low~! and his same-age-as-me bro LOL. Okay okay, I miss CU ppl and Librarians as well. Looking forward to visit you all in school =)

Daniel Tan, pls update your poor blog~!