Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Big ideas for a small planet

Believe it or not, my family didn't subscribe Astro. Frankly, I do enjoy watching television programmes but I'm picky *teehee* I'm loving Big ideas for a small planet~ I watched a few episodes on ntv7 and this show reminds of *drumrolls*... AVATAR! I know, I'm weird, I think a lot lately to keep my brain moving I guess =P Maybe I should post a movie review on Avatar so you'll know how it relates.

It won't take you a lot of time to watch this, 5 mins can spare mah? =) All of the other episodes are nice too, go to the site and watch some more if you care =) 
 Refresh if it leads to "sponsered message"
Big ideas for a small planet-Music

It's amazing how ppl are doing what they can to save our planet Earth. We ALL can do our part to save OUR planet. The "No Plastic Bag" Day (every Saturday starting from 1st of January 2010) was implemented in Selangor. I was like:" Thank God!" Seriously, before that, I made a point to take my own shopping/recycle bag when I go shopping or simply stuffing things I bought into my bag LOL. Department stores like Jusco/Aeon allowed me to do so *happy*, unlike some cashier/stores, insisted that I use THEIR plastic bag, I got quite upset (>.<) Don't just sit there and then:"er... ok", take action, NOW~! even you are not in Selangor or "can afford" to pay RM0.20 for each plastic bag =)

Can somebody make or design a shopping/recycle bag that has a statement on it saying:"I am waayyy cuter than Plastic Bags!"? xD I'll buy it if there is haha. A bag "talking"? wow xD

We have ONLY 1 Earth