Saturday, 16 January 2010

For the sake of nangs nang?

I don’t know about you, but if you let me choose between nangs and someone who says “nice layout”/ ”just visiting, take care”/ “dropped by”, I choose the latter.

Okay, if you say you nang me, of course you want me to nang you back rite? For me to nang you back just ‘cuz you nang me just feel so weird for me =.= if I don't nang back, somebody will not be happy (oh no). BUT, if it’s like blog hopping etc, I’ll usually check out other bloggers blog and will leave comment on good posts. (I’m attracted to nice headers, ‘cuz I don’t have one LOL) what happened to the feeling of “I blog cuz I want to?” 

If you blog ‘cuz of nangs, I suggest you open a blog, post a letter blog post (like A for the 1st post, B for the next post, C for the 3rd post etc) , put a chat box in your blog, go nang ppl and wait for ppl to nang you back. SO swt huh?

I joined Nuffnang to connect with more bloggers and truly I’ve been reading more blogs than ever (got time after SPM mah XD) I’m not lying, if it’s ‘cuz of $$, I’ll rot just waiting for each cent to come in =.=

Blogs with different blogging style, nice layouts~, bloggers with good personality… Each blog is different. Real blog readers are hard to come by… seriously. I appreciate anyone who reads any ONE posts of mine from top to toe and the best thing is if they are able to relate with me.

I don’t know why I make a fuss out of this, maybe I should just ignore all “for the sake of nangs nang”, but blogging it out definitely makes me feel relieved. Phew~ Thanks bloggie =)