Monday, 25 January 2010

I went to Johor during the weekends. So ngam the Sultan of Johor passed away. I love the swing under the rambutan tree~ The lil nephews weren't around 'cuz their dad aka my cousin bro bought a new house nearby. Aunt went to her daughter's place 'cuz my cousin sis recently delivered her 4th child/son, uncle had to attend a wedding so for the first time, my family had the whole big house for our own xD 2 TVs in a house is a *wow* for me (I macam kampung girl, I know LOL) Ate free durians~! My grandfather has a fruit orchard so that's why it's free durians LOL. It's kinda after the season so manage to pick 2 of 'em only.

Ke Lin, Jia Yee and I went to Kwang Hua last Friday~! For me, I went there to get my *new* extra-curricular cert, they typed the details wrong, anyway, it wasn't fixed, the clerk said the printer still has some problem. Secondly, to check out the Librarians *I hear you scream LOL* Last but not least, for Kwang Hua Christian Union's first activity of the year 2010~! So so so nice to meet everyone in school =) I so totally love the reactions, especially when I step into the canteen, and... haha... my funny juniors =) Love all of you ^^

Had durians today again~ Not for free though LOL. I don't like rats around my house (>.<) Listened to some nice music today, one of 'em is Bach <3 Sounds boring to you huh, but not for me, will tell you why I love it soon =)

I dreamt I had 5As for SPM! (>.<) total nightmare plsplspls... no lesser *heart breaks*