Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Just a post to say that I'm fine =)

At home in my comfy house clothes. yea I'm fine =)

2nd January 2010, Saturday
Went to listen to the undang ceramah, sort of alone. No friends =.= Anyway, I tried to talk to some ppl and made friends *yay* felt the 1Malaysia-ness which was nice =) Straight after the hearing of undang, went for 2010's FIRST Youth Discipleship Group (DG) meeting. Before this, I know Oon-Hui and Noah is going to School of Jeremiah for 6 WEEKS, now Steph too! Aw~ Miss her so much, didn't get to talk to her much lately. Wei Yan is back from China~!

3rd January 2010, Sunday
Was my turn for duty. Kor Oon-Ee said that I am "promoted" LOL? With his and the Awesome God's help, things are (still) under control *teehee*
Went to the Curve for the street market of 'cuz =P but didn't see anything that attracts me. Did I tell you I likey Daiso? I first saw Daiso in Singapore and was hoping that somebody will bring Daiso to Malaysia ^^ Some of Daiso products are creative, I never thought they will come out with products like that LOL. I spent most of the time trying to figure out the meaning of the Japanese characters LOL Spoiled my sport shoe lately so many stuff spoiled

4th January 2010, Monday
Felt uncomfortable NOT going to school. Some friends started college. Tien Zhi too, not in SEGI coll but... in ALC coll?!?! *shocked* Pity him la, his dad want him to take up LCCI before he goes for SEGI's pharmacy. Was on the phone with Yan Wei for quite long, too long didn't talk with her dy *hehe*

5th January 2010, Tuesday
Went to Old JJ to shop for sport shoes. One thing good about Bata is I won't feel that hurt went it's time to say bye bye to my shoes LOL. Made my siblings guess the color of my new shoes and they couldn't guess it haha. Saw Sze Yeen there, so totally miss her. Seeing her in her Librarian uniform, I miss the uniform too (>.<) Redeemed my *FREE* pizza using the pizza voucher I got from The Star NiE Mag Inc 2009 (for story click here)

 RM0.00 XD
Pre-undang test is tomorrow~