Monday, 18 January 2010

Started my piano lessons, FINALLY~! Teacher Vivian introduced me and sis (bro was sick =.=) to our new teacher and she is… YU SHI YONG~! She’s my Kwang Hua CU senior, 2 years older than me and she’s nice LOL. The piano lesson went smoothly. I can’t play Romantic and 20th century pieces well (Debussy, Chopin !!) =P I prefer Baroque and Classical pieces (Beethoven~ Bach etc) hehe. One of the new song,click=> Chopin Waltz Op.64 No.1. (btw, is there any place that looks like that in Malaysia? T.T) I've never played a Chopin before *yikes* There's videos of lil kids playing that song, I'm so (>.<) So nice lah, they get to learn music at such a young age. Got to practice a lot. 加油~!

Every 14th of January is my dear Su Lin’s birthday~! Feel so bad for doing nothing except for sending a text sms to her =.= Oh well… I know her since Primary school and she introduced me to the nicest piano teacher, yea, Teacher Vivian XD and the teachers I got from Teacher Vivian are nice too =)

Went for amali, can’t stand the smokers =.= was surprised to see Kai Fen and Song Chiang there.

Mun Yan started her college life! Such a sudden notice. I was chatting with her like, last Wednesday and she popped that out, Saturday went to register, Today start college~! *wow*

It was a coincidence that John and me had the same phone. Different color. He spoiled his and got a new one, or is it from his bro? LOL Mine spoiled but still can use-lah LOL. but specs?! We walked pass each other in church and was staring at each others specs like, huh?!? Anyway, I got ‘em first XD. Random~

Wen Ping is going to Aussie~! I don’t know why I can’t get through her blog, comp prob? (>.<)

Isn't it WEIRD not to have a single picture in this post?LOL