Sunday, 31 January 2010

Thurs: Started my piano theory lessons =) As mentioned in my earlier post, I rarely hardly never don't play much of Romantic and 20th century pieces, (Loves Bach and Beethoven *teehee*) I'm loving Clair de Lune, which is my blog song at the moment. 

Lately I've been thinking quite a lot, can't sleep well (>.<) Talked to dad about blogging and all, he thinks it's wasting time, oh well. Tried reading One flew over the cuckoo's nest, he said it's a good book, but I guess I got to try harder

Fri: Received a surprise call from dear Eileen =) Good to hear from her ^^ I don't know why, at times we all feel like talking to someone but don't know what to talk about. I'm glad, blessed, thankful that I have friends that I can randomly call up XD (I didn't say family ain't important yea LOL) This is a video of her 17th birthday last year, it's like quite long ago, I don't have that "long" hair dy. Thanks Jia Yee for this video~! =)

FYI: it's kinda like a tradition for us to give clothes for our friends' birthday. I totally love the ones I got from my dears ^^

Crystal Facebook-messaged me. She started SAM. I love to hear her funny stories, especially the car park fight XD. I called her back at night, didn't talked much as she was preparing dinner and I was about to go to my dad's DG(Discipleship Group)/cell group. The Tans' have loads of DVDs to watch *teehee* Watched Ghosts of Girlfriends past. Kinda Christmas carol-ish. Drama-ish~ Don't know how to describe =P

After DG, I had a good talk with Angelyn and some parents haha. Everyone seemed to be interested in my future and what I'm doing at home now haha.

Sat: Went to Old JJ to shop for Chinese New Year goodies with my family. It's kinda cool to carry the huge 文桥 recycle bag around. Didn't use any plastic bags~

No Plastic Bag Day

Sun: Sermon taken from Romans 1. The Bible is always so real to me. Catched up with my pals =)

 At home
Photo credits to sis' cam phone. Taken last week i think
I'm fine peeps, still the ever positive Kim XD
In the comfort of my home 

I want to watch FAME. Looks like a nice show =) Do you think I should give it a try for the LG phone contest?

Take care yea =)