Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

It's definitely a time for family members to get together, catch up with one another and to feel the family-feel LOL.

Oh yea~ My father's side's relatives (any word to shorten this?) are all tall and slim ppl so, yay to family-feel xD

The FRESH air~ (breaths... *coughs*) totally different from here. I miss Segamat.

The firecrackers are deafening (>.<) Fireworks are not too bad =)

I miss Black Beauty, came home, shower, cut my nails then straight to the piano, realized my hearing is kinda affected liddet =P

My phone had gotten worse, my oh-so-talkative cousin bro was making a fuss out of it LOL. CNY isn't quiet with him around, my cousin sis is "numb" to his "lecturing" LOL. Future Medic student kut xD

I tak boleh tahan dy lah *still trying to tahan* Cam-my~! I sent the pics of my nephews from last year's CNY for developing, gave it to them and they were thrilled LOL. Kids easily get happy, in a good way, yes? =)

My 伯母(aunt) was like:"When was this taken? CNY? Wah..." But Haiz... didn't/can't take pics for them this year.

My cousin has a DSLR, but I have no idea what he do with it. Btw, the girl in this post is me lo, so cham (>.<)
CNY is one of the few chances (I'm serious!) me and my siblings get to watch the TV like so so syok! xD Watched Rain's fashion show cum concert. Not bad wert =)

I know I know, it looks plain here. Maybe you got to wait for my sis to update her blog, she took some pics.
Sis was kind to let me S.S. a bit LOL.

In grandma's room. 吃饱没事做 xD

From Twitter: What's the BEST part of CNY, peeps? =)