Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chinese New Year Gathering 2010

Holiday is a chance for us to gather. We decided to do something special, OUTDOOR!
Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam is a nice place and it meets our budget *teehee* I've been there for CU Trip and Info Hunt LOL.

FYI:4 out of 6 of us are Shah Alam residents *woots!*

I can't possibly post EVERY PIC here (you don't want to get frighten of our S.S.-ness xD) so I picked a few and share my experience in Bukit Cahaya with my loves. Every pic has a story. For more pics, click HERE (Mun Yan's) and HERE (Shu Yin's). 

Thanks to Mun Yan, I get to take some nice pics with her camera, she's so generous =) Another shout out to Shu Yin and Mun Yan who caused 'photo comments jam' on my Facebook, in a good way xD

Eileen, Jia Yee, Shu Yin, Mun Yan, Ke Lin and Me
Thanks for coming!
I know I know... You'll be like: "What story?!" Here goes...
None of us has a tripod or what so ever, so I carefully place Mun Yan's camera, set the timer, and.. RUN! LOL. It's difficult to get a group photo here so, we gave it a go ;)

We were blessed. The Four Seasons Temperate Garden will be closed the following week for maintenance, right timing huh? =)

The buddies =)

Pure S.S.-ing with foggy specs~

Me and Mun Yan

Ke Lin and Me

Another fun fact: ALL 6 of us are speckies xD

I love this hanging bridge.

I NEVER knew there was something fun at the Empangan~! We met a pak cik (uncle) before we went to the hanging bridge, he told us we can "pegang ikan" (hold the fish) in the Empangan. Curiosity brought us here.

Feeding the fishes. The Sun is so hot (>.<)

Mun Yan's the ONLY one who manage to pegang the ikan LOL.

We had ice-cream before going to my home =) I think they are the first batch of friends that hang out in my house for the longest time xD Special Thanks to my parents who took part in hosting *teehee*

Passion fruits from Ke Lin's garden!

Ke Lin claimed that Passion Fruit helps detoxification of the body. I woke up the next day, found my face looking more alive (couldn't sleep well for some time dy), SERIOUS!  Maybe it's the combination of the outdoor+laughter+good company+good food and fruits+good night rest LOL.

2 of my favourite random shots:
Looks like a good header xD
This pic means something that I can't seem to put it in words.

Taken in the Four Season Temperate Garden. I like the structure.

Nice catching up with you girls! I finally changed my Facebook profile pic xD. We'll make sure Yue Wan joins the next time =)