Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Fame: Movie Review

When I first saw the ad on the newspaper, I was like:"I so wanna watch~!" xD Yea, performing arts is my thing. This is my 1st time writing a movie review, enjoy anyway xD Wikipedia has EVERYTHING about the movie LOL. I linked 'em for easy clicks =)

To get you in "the mood", pls watch this 1st. The theme song~

Naturi Naughton as Denise Dupree
In the movie: Mr. Joel Cranston was impressed by Denise during her audition. Just when you thought she is a talented classical pianist, she actually can sing too! She's been "piano this, piano that" since young and she never really try other stuff. But when she did sing, she won the heart of her mum, Denise's dad was against it but hey, her mum got 'da power~! xD Best of both worlds-piano and singing ^^

Collins Pennie
Collins Pennie as Malik Washburn
Thanks to him, he found Denise singing in the auditorium when she thought no one is there. He, Neil and Denise teamed up and produced music. The scene where 3 of them perform in a club and Denise's parents were there expecting classical jazz LOL, I kinda like the intro of the performance, the saliva-spraying part xD but hey, he was really rapping LOL. Malik's conversation with his mum can really relate to me, so 经典 like that xD

Kay Panabaker as Jenny Garrison
In acting class, Jenny feels uncomfortable to let loose and be crazy like everyone else. She was so eager to be famous that she nearly betrayed herself and her boyfriend, Marco. She learned that fame isn't an easy road. I thought Kay looked familiar, she's quite famous =)

asher book
Asher Book as Marco Ramone
He can sing too LOL. In the movie, he takes acting and stuff easily, a lil opposite of what Jenny is. Btw, He and Jenny is quite a cute couple, in my opinion LOL. I'm liking this song-"Try" by Asher Book.

Kherington Payne
Kherington Payne as Alice Ellerton
She easily impress others with her dancing skills. She got into Complexions-a professional dancing company, dumps her boyfriend, Victor, and chase her dream. She did not graduate.
FYI: Kheringhton made the top ten of Season 4 So You Think You Can Dance, she can really dance *wow*

Walter Perez as Victor Taveras
Frankly, I prefer the usual version of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, Prelude 1 in C. And pls... Bach ain't boring k!

Anna Maria Perez de Taglé as Joy Moy
You might remember Anna from Camp Rock and Hannah Montana. In the movie, Joy can really rap when she's drunk LOL.Joy drops out of school before graduation, because she is working on Sesame Street full-time now and her grades have suffered. 
FYI: Students in their school got to be good in both arts and academic. If their grades are lower than C, they will be expelled.

Paul Iacono as Neil Baczynsky
His hope to direct the independent film he wrote was gone. He was cheated by the fake produce. There goes the $5,000 *ouch*

paul mcgill
Paul McGill as Kevin Barrett
In the movie, the dancers all practicing in a circle, but once it is Kevin's turn, he is out-shined and is forced to go back in his original spot. I pity him wey, he's such a nice, shy guy. Then, Kevin has a meeting with Ms. Kraft, the dance teacher, because he asked her to write him a letter of recommendation. She says she can not write him the letter, because she believes he is not talented enough to become a professional dancer *double pity*. This causes him to attempt suicide but anyway, he didn't die. Kevin tells Joy that he is moving back to Iowa, and that he is going to be the best dance teacher there's ever been.

I enjoyed the movie =) The film has received generally unfavorable reviews from critics, and I don't understand why. I didn't watch Twilight you know xD Is there such school like that here in Malaysia? If there is... Idk why I'm here =.= *LOL*

Watch the trailer here=>click~!

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